Jasmine Pearls - Loose Leaf

Sold by: CHASH The Fine Tea Co

“Wonderful, fresh and smooth. Nothing but perfect” – Laura’s Tea Room

“Damn this is good… oh My God so smooth! Love it” – Samantha , north London

This is simply the highest quality Jasmine Tea in China.

Each springtime the tea pickers of Fujian select only the finest buds. The buds are hand-rolled into little tea balls. Each is then repeatedly scented with fresh night-blooming jasmine blossom in Heng Xian.

Watch as the pearls slowly unfurl into a soft and flowery.

A tea for a Jasmine connoisseur.


ORIGIN – Fujian, China

HOW IS IT MADE – Picked-Withering-Fixed-Dried-Jasmine added


AROMA – Soft Jasmine

TASTE – Light, delicate and elegant

HEALTH BENEFITS – Anti-aging. Studies indicate Green Tea helps fight cancer and diabetes and is an aid to weight loss


WHEN IS IT BEST – Late Morning and Afternoon

WHAT MAKES IT LUXURY – Simply the highest quality Jasmine Tea in China

Jasmine Pearls - Loose Leaf