Kampot Pepper RED 250g

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The natural enzymes in the outer husk (pericarp) of the peppercorns turn the ripened berries red on drying, forming the volatile oil piperine which gives our pepper its characteristic flavour.This is the best pepper you will ever taste and is recognised as the finest pepper in the World.
Description & Use: The unique sweetness in our late harvest Red Kampot Pepper works particularly well with foods that have (or need) added sweetness. Great with Game (especially Venison), Duck, Pork and Shellfish. Add’s a whole new dimension to salad dressings.
Attractive peppercorns with a mild aroma prior to crushing. On pounding the aromatic release is phenomenal - fruity, bright, sweet and earthy at the same time. Heat release is gradual but persistent. The heat grows and builds, fruit notes come through well, sweetness and heat in beautiful balance.
Judges Comments:
Great Taste 2017 : 2 Star Award: Outstanding
BoTree Red Kampot Pepper: This truly is the King of Pepper. Red Kampot Peppercorns have a sweet, almost fruity note combined with an underlying heat that just keeps coming. Use sparingly as this is a rare and beautiful pepper.

Kampot Pepper RED 250g