Lowestoft Cured Kippers 2 X 400g Twinpack

Lowestoft Cured Kippers 2 X 400g Twinpack

Sold by: Waveney Valley Smokehouse

Special Diet: Organic

Our Kippers are unique. We chose the largest, juiciest Herring from the North Sea and we hand fillet each and everyone. We gently cure and smoke them in our brick kilns for as many hours as it takes to give a great colour and flavour. We chill them and then pack them in pairs in vacuum sealed bags. Which incidentally, are thick enough to allow you to boil in the bag if you so chose! 

Lowestoft Cure Oak Smoked Kippers

Two Whole Fish (Clupea harengus) approx 400g Kippers Vacuum Packed for extended shelf life.

Our Kippers are smoked the old fashioned way with care and attention. We hand select the Herring and Kipper them before brining and curing them. They are smoked slowly over Norfolk Oak for 20 to 24 hours (depending on the weather) before being chilled and packed.

Kippers are supplied as 2 X 400g Twinpack in Vacuum pouches

Grill or Simmer for 3-4 Mins -
Add butter when serving if desired -
or boil in the bag for 5 Mins
Catch Area FAO Area 27 (Atlantic, Northeast) Division II a Norwegian Sea .
Approx serving size 200 g
Use within 3 days of opening.
Please beware this product contains bones
Allergens Include Fish

Cold Smoked Kipper Fillet Pair Natural Undyed 400g twin Vac Packed