Luxury Matcha & Yuzu Truffle Brownies ( Large Box of 6)

Sold by: Anthony James Chocolates


Unit: Box of 6

Exquisite and luxurious Japanese inspired brownies subscription, which is guaranteed to bring to a smile to anyone’s face, a double chocolate brownies with chocolate chunks, topped with Japanese ceremonial Matcha and Yuzu chocolate ganache, covered with Madagascan single origin 45% white chocolate and decorated with our award winning Matcha & Yuzu Chocolate discs.
You can enjoy our delicious brownies at anytime as a snack, treat, afternoon tea, add ice cream or cream & fruit to warm brownie to make a decadent dessert or give as gift. Whatever you decide, we are sure you and your loved ones would enjoy our brownies.

*Fresh and Premium professional Ingredients

*High Cocoa Content Chocolates

*No Artificial Colours or favours

*No Cheap High Street Chocolates in our products.

*All Our Products & Chocolates Are Made In-house.

*Allergy Warning: May contain traces of gluten, milk, nuts and seeds.
*Store in an air tight container.

Luxury Matcha & Yuzu Truffle Brownies ( Large Box of 6)