Microbrewers' Handbook

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The microbrewing scene has changed beyond recognition in the eight years since the first edition of this book was published. The sheer number of small independent breweries at work, up and down the land, has now more than doubled to 1,500. Tim Hampson, leading beer author, has toally updated this sixth edition and guides you through the practicalities of starting your own microbrewery; from how to brew right through to finding a place of your own.
Author’s Preface
Chapter One: How to Brew
Chapter Two: Where to Brew
Chapter Three: Planning Your Finances
Chapter Four: Brewing Equipment Constructing your own Equipment
Chapter Five: What to Brew
Chapter Six: How to get to Market: Draught Sales
Chapter Seven: How to Get to Market: Bottled Sales
Chapter Eight: A Place of Your Own
Customs and Duty
Directory of Services and Supplies
Plus 15 case studies
About the author
Tim Hampson is an award winning journalist who is currently editor of What’s Brewing newspaper. He is author of many books including the Haynes Beer Manual, World Beer and The Beer Book. He is chairman of the British Guild of Beer Writers.
Size: 210 x 135mm
Pages: 256 black and white
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780992639976

Microbrewers' Handbook