Native Breed Beef - Rib Roast 2.5kg

Native Breed Beef - Rib Roast 2.5kg

Sold by: The Grid Iron Meat Company


Unit: 1x2.5kg

The beef has been dry aged on the bone in our own butchery for up to five weeks before being prepared by our butchers to the highest standards.

This is an outstanding roasting joint with great marbling and a good layer of fat. The fore rib of beef is the first five bones of the loin and has
become the classic British roast. The fat content of the joint gives it tremendous flavour and keeps it moist as it cooks. The fore rib takes well to our dry ageing process, thanks to the covering of fat.

What will arrive?

Bone in - This is just as nature intended with the rib bones left intact.
Your fore rib joint has been dry aged in our purpose built maturation room. It will be a dark red colour on areas that have been exposed to the air and when cut will be a lighter red and slightly moist.
Dry ageing works well on rib joints and only good quality beef will take to this process. It must have good marbling in the meat and a good layer of fat on the outside for protection from the air during the ageing process.
Don’t forget that the fat on your beef is the good type of natural fat that comes from the way our beef is grass fed. This is the opposite to synthetic fats and oils and the fat that is found on factory farmed beef. Our beef is high in omega 3 and 6.
If you’re worried about the fat or don’t like the taste, then cut it off when you carve and not before you put it in the oven, as it helps to keep the joint moist during cooking and imparts flavour into the meat.