Sold by: The Grid Iron Meat Company

We’ve combined all the ingredients for our favourite breakfast. Choose either smoked or unsmoked Old Fashioned bacon.

We've included a 227g pack of each of our Old Fashioned bacon. Choose from either smoked or unsmoked for each one. All our bacon is made from North Yorkshire, outdoor reared, rare breed pork. We mostly use Gloucester Old Spot as we have a good consistent supply from a local farm. The pork we use has been grown slowly to maturity, fed on a natural diet without the use of antibiotics and growth promoters. We select animals with a good “fat probe” depth which produces the kind of bacon we’re looking for, with healthy fat from the natural diet and slow growth. All our bacon is dry cured and then air dried to age it.

COLLAR BACON - This is made from the collar muscle in the shoulder. It’s the equivalent of a ribeye in beef. Shoulder bacon used to be very popular in the old butcher’s shop as it was great for making sandwiches. Rather than having a layer of fat and rind, like the other bacons, the collar has seems of fat running through it for flavour and texture. This is our favourite!
OLD FASHIONED BACK BACON - Made from loin of rare breed pork with a short tail of the belly to make a “chop” shape. Whenever possible we like a loin with a nice eye of meat, but a good layer of fat. A few slices of this look great with a full English breakfast.
OLD FASHIONED STREAKY BACON - This is from the belly of rare breed pork. We look for bellies with a good depth to them from larger more mature pigs. This gives us a good depth of flavour, a nice wide slice and plenty of fat. The rind crisps up nicely in the pan or under the grill. We do a dry cured version and a dry cured and cold smoked version.
All our smoked products are smoked by Jake at The Holy Smokery on the Kilnsey Estate in the Yorkshire Dales. Jake uses techniques with natural wood smoke and distinctive herbs and spices such as long pepper and verjus.
WILDMAN PORK BREAKFAST SAUSAGE - These are made from rare breed pork from nearby farms in the Yorkshire Dales by our neighbours, Wildman Charcuterie. (450g)
FRUIT PIG FRESH BLOOD BLACK PUDDING - This pudding made by Fruit Pig is a sumptuous mix of fresh blood, oats, pearl barley, onion, fat, spices and a handful of sultanas. Grill or fry….get the outside crunchy and serve. Choose the gluten free version if you prefer. (400g)
COFFEE BAGS - We've included this award winning coffee from our local coffee suppliers, Coffee Care in Skipton. A quick way to make fresh coffee to go with your breakfast. (15 bags per pack)