Organic Rigatoni Kamut Monograno Line

Organic Rigatoni Kamut Monograno Line

Sold by: Agrumia


Unit: 500g pack

Special Diet: Organic

KAMUT: this Khorasan wheat originated in the Middle East several thousand years ago and is the ancestor of our modern durum wheat. Skilfully our master pasta makers turn it into a premium product that during cooking releases scents of white flowers and freshly peeled fruit. Its flavour combines a hint of pine and macadamia nuts with nuances of edible flowers. 


Odour: characteristic, without foreign or anomalous smells.
Taste: without foreign or anomalous taste.
Structure: must be compact and elastic. There must not be cracks or fissures. 
Colour: must be amber yellow.

Ingredients: Organic Khorasan Kamut flour, water

Allergy Advice

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

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