POP BOX Autumn/Winter (15% Off)

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In need of a pick-me-up? Create Your Own Floral Masterpieces And Transform Your Health & Wellbeing With The UK’s First All In One Horticultural Therapy Box (even if you’ve never planted or painted before!)
Designed by UK Health Professionals with over £230 worth of Therapeutic Value
Discover the popular activities of gardening and art in this all in one, highly rewarding Horticultural Therapy box that can help improve your mental health & physical wellbeing. Enjoy a range of carefully graded seed growing activities and complimentary botanical colouring cards to help you relax and restore your sense of wellbeing.
Reduce Stress, Re-awaken Your Creative Self, Increase Energy Levels and Build & Repair Relationships with over 12 Weeks+ Worth of Therapeutic Activities.
Create Your Own Floral Masterpieces & Beautify Your Outside Space with:
4 Quick & Easy To Grow Much-Loved Seeds (Nigella, Viola, Sweet Pea & Broad Beans)
8 Botanical Colouring In Cards to help you reduce stress and induce a meditative state-like flow
Professional Botanical Watercolour Art Set
14 Growing & Planting Activity Cards to hep guide you easily through the process.
Professional Therapeutic Activity Booklet packed with ideas to help you through the Autumn months…
15 Soil Growing Pods to easily and therapeutically sow your seeds in, maintain and grow!
…and much more!
HURRY! Limited Stock Available…

POP BOX Autumn/Winter (15% Off)