Pothecary Gin - 50cl - 44.8% ABV

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Unit: 50cl bottle

What began as a project in a spare room in 2015 has grown to become one of the most popular and renowned Gins in the UK. Pothecary is a lavendar-led trip into the Provence, albeit made in Dorset. The man behind it, Martin Jennings, is a loud and active member of the Gin community and he takes the spirit very seriously indeed, so this gin – and all of the gins that come from the seriously micro distillery – will never stray too far from that juniper core.
To taste, lavender positively explodes across the tongue, combining with the juniper to bring an enormous, herbal, savoury fore. Marmalade-like lemon peel kicks in, before being chased away (although only temporarily) by honeyed tilia flowers.
To serve: Go big or go home. Add a standard Indian tonic and a twist of lemon peel.

Pothecary Gin - 50cl - 44.8% ABV