Pothecary Gin Sicilian Blend

Pothecary Gin Sicilian Blend

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Pothecary Gin Sicilin Blend 

Following the success of the Pothecary Gin Sicilian Blend Limited Edition, Soapbox Spirits are proud to announce the official release of their Sicilian Blend, non-limited edition.
There are a few small changes to the original Limited Edition version, namely that the Gentian Root is now sourced from France, and that the gin is certified organic by Soil Association.
The other cosmetic change is the appearance of the bottle, now with the same style of printed botanical icons on the reverse rather than a limited edition label.
Pothecary Gin - Sicilian Blend.
Following the producer’s ethos of wild-foraged and organic botanical ingredients, the Sicilian Blend utilises the same organic Serbian Juniper as all Pothecary gin, along with the Organic Sicilian Lemon peel also found in the PG original botanical mix. Added to this is Organic Sicilian Orange peel, Organic Sicilian Almonds and organic Gentian root.
The botanicals are distilled individually and then blended together afterwards, using the same process as with the original Pothecary Gin, and then diluted to 47%abv. The resulting gin has dynamic Orange citrus on the nose with lemon in the background, balanced by the subtle but persistent Juniper, and with the woody, earthy Gentian completing the heady aroma. The palate starts off quite warm, the orange & lemon evident at the start, developing into a wave of roasted Almond with hints of vanilla, biscuit and toast, backed up by the piney Juniper, leading to the intense, woody and almost medicinal note of the Gentian, delivering a satisfyingly dry finish.
The Pothecary Gin Sicilian Blend is enjoyed by some as a sipping gin, although this is not where it really shines. The combination of orange citrus and the bitter tang of the Gentian root lend this gin toward cocktails such as The Negroni, or The Martinez in particular, both with echoes of the bittersweet orange element, and the premium 47%abv aids the persistence of the gin, making it ideal for such a cocktail. However, with the roasted Organic Almond element giving smoothness to the gin, along with the warming Juniper and vibrant orange, this gin also makes for a fabulous G&T, or can be successfully mixed with Ginger Beer for a spicier long drink.