Preserved Lemons

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Classic preserved lemons have an intense and deep, slightly sour lemon flavour. The jar liquid - which is simply the liquid drawn from the lemons (no water is added) - has a silky texture and unique flavour with umami and less sourness than fresh lemons, and is an ingredient in its own right.  Our favourite ways to enjoy them: use them to create a complex new flavours, make a dressing paired with fresh juice, cook them in a stew, pair them with cheese, middle eastern cooking, salsas, tagines and couscous. Mash the lemon into butter and stuff under chicken skin pre-roasting, or use to melt over fish. Fry halloumi, drizzle with honey, sesame seeds and little strips of preserved lemon rind. Try roasted cauliflower with caper & chopped lemons, outstanding! Pasta with mozzarella, peas & lemons for a super simple flavour packed supper.

Ingredients: lemons, sea salt.

Allergens: none

Nutrition: Typical values per 100g: Calories 32cal, Energy 132kj, Carbs 4.5g, Salt 1.4g, Protein 1.4g , Fat 0g, Fibre 2g

Available in 315 grams, 1kg and 2.1kg

Preserved Lemons