Radish Cube Kimchi

Sold by: Belle & Herbs

An authentic Korean side dish addition to a meal, full of kimchi flavour, with a subtle sweetness and satisfying crunchy texture!  Our favourite ways to enjoy it: Top off a grain bowl or the wonderful Bibimbap, goes beautifully with most any Korean dish, a straight from the jar instant noodle improver! eat it with eggs, and when its done, use the liquid for a salad dressing, or make a kimchi sourdough loaf.

Ingredients: Mouli, Asian pear, spring onion, fresh ginger, garlic, Korean chilli, sea salt, home fermented *prawn, *fish sauce, *sesame seeds.

Allergens: prawn, fish, sesame

Nutrition: Typical values per 100g: Calories 32cal, Energy 93kj, Carbs 6.8g, Salt 1 .5g, Protein 1g ,Fat 0g, Fibre 2.1g

Available in 315 grams, 1kg & 2.1kg

Radish Cube Kimchi