Raw Buckwheat honey

Sold by: Bee My Honey Ltd


Unit: 450g jar

The Organic Buckwheat Honey is raw, unprocessed organic certified pure honey. Harvested in the forests.
Our Organic Buckwheat Honey is a dark brown colour (even black while the honey is liquid) highly, nutritious honey, rich in smell and taste, collected from the buckwheat flowers, used as a tasty sweetener and popular for its many health benefits. It is higher in antioxidants than any other type of traditional honey and is very rich in vitamins and minerals, therefore it is considered to be a healthy food source. The primary benefits of the buckwheat honey are that it promotes healing in the body, supports immune functions, and boosts antioxidants. It is also great for skin and wound care, and helps to keep cholesterol and blood sugar levels down for people with diabetes.

Raw Buckwheat honey