Raw Heather Honey

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Unit: 450 g

By the middle of August, the moors come to life with vibrant purple heather. Irrepressible in the face of wet and wild weather, heather is an important habitat and food source for ground nesting birds, grazing animals and insects.

A deep amber colour, heather honey has a unique texture as it is thixotropic – meaning it goes runny when you stir it. The taste is just as distinctive as intense and unrefined as the moorlands it comes from.. It’s complex, aromatic and not too sweet – and combines smoky, warm, woody and floral notes in a flavour.

Heather honey benefits for health are connected mainly to its high antioxidant activity. In Great Britain, it is highly-prized by connoisseurs and known as the “Rolls Royce” of honey.

Heather honey is a product of a particularly high nutritional value and is one of the best choices for stimulating the body. Heather honey has the unique property of dropping cholesterol, displays antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties with an emphasis on the urinary and digestive system.

Raw Heather Honey