Ready Peck Ground & Table Mix 20kg (FREE DELIVERY)

Ready Peck Ground & Table Mix 20kg (FREE DELIVERY)

Sold by: Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food

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Unit: 20kg

The bird food is designed for ground and table feeding. It is mixed and packed on our farm. It includes a berry suet pellet which we make using dried fruit berries.

This is the ultimate bird ground and table bird food mix – high in energy, low waste and no wheat.  Five a day ingredients  - suetoatsseedsnuts and fruit. Five years in development and designed to attract more beautiful birds to your garden. Birds that will enjoy this food include:  Blackbirds, Robins and Thrushes.

Ingredients : sunflower hearts, flaked naked oats, flaked maize, kibbled peanuts, oyster shell grit, berry suet pellets and raisins.