Salty Caramel BarbiSugar Seasoning by Barbismoked™

Salty Caramel BarbiSugar Seasoning by Barbismoked™

Sold by: Barbismoked

Special Diet: No allergens, Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic


Salty Caramel BarbiSugar Seasoning by Barbismoked™


• Sold as 50g jar £6.99 / 50 g jar with 50g refill £11.50
• 50g refill £5.99 / 100g refill £7.99 / 150g refill (catering pk) £9.99

This special combination of salty sweet garlicky seasoning has the texture of soft grains similar to breadcrumbs, tasting of rich toasted savoury buttered caramel as unique as the blend itself.

Our delicious BarbiSugar is so versatile it can be added to a vast array of foods giving a luscious depth of flavour which everyone will ask "What IS that?" and we are sure you will love adding this ingredient to your favourite recipes as much as we do!

We love it cooked down with a knob of butter or light olive oil and then used to coat chicken, pork, lamb or fish, or toss veggies with the mix before roasting or sauteing;

Added to slow cooked dishes like tagines or stroganoffs;

Curries love this added in the sauce;

Great for barbecuing meat;

Add to marinades with lime or lemon to offset the flavours;

Perfect for dressings like honey and mustard or balsamic

Chinese stir fries were made for this seasoning!

.... and much more

Salty Caramel BarbiSugar Seasoning comes in a delightful Kilner spice jar for easy storage and is available with or without a handy refill pouch -
why not buy both as an unusual gift or to share with foodie friends and relatives!

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Please note:

• The images are for example purposes only
• Kilner jar contents 50g- (218g inc jar) refill packs 50g/100g/150g (catering pl)
• Our seasonings are hand mixed so the strength of flavour may differ slightly
• No preservatives or flavour enhancers are used in our seasonings
• Store in a cool dry area away from direct light
• Contents may settle
• May take up to 5 days before dispatch subject to demand
• Seasonings are made to order
• Available in the UK only

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