Seed Grow Kit Radish MICROGREENS superfood Easy to Grow Your Own -Forager Table

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Foragers Table Seed Grow Kit Microgreens Aromatic Hardy Annual Seeds Easy to Grow Your Own.
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This listing is for one Foragers Gourmet microgreens ‘Ready To Grow’ Kit. All you need for your kit to thrive is included in the box: ‘Ready To Grow’ Reusable seed trays, High quality RHP certified stabilised substrate medium made from 100% coco coir, organic non GMO microgreen seeds, easy to read comprehensive instructions, including a ‘Hints & Tips’ section, and your very own FREE spray bottle to water your microgreens.
Here at Foragers Table, we love our micro-greens and want to bring this growing experience to your home with our Gourmet Micro-green Kits. In as little as 7 days you could be harvesting your very own organically homegrown micro-greens. Grown on our specially selected substrate that we have chose for the finest and largest gourmet Micro-greens this kit is reusable and our top up range of micro greens can be purchased separately to produce an endless supply of health, tasty nutritious micro-greens to supplement your diet. Unlike other micro-green kits we only use genuine Jiffy Coco coir pelleted growing medium as it is a superior aerated rooting media with no chemical properties for the optimal rooting environment.
These kits are great as a gift, if you’re a lover of growing your own healthy food, for educating your kids or just for the love of micro-greens.
Eating Micro-greens can give you higher vitamins, minerals and antioxidant levels than fully matured matured plants by up to 40%.
Micro green Radish characteristics: White and burgundy treats with a bright green pair of top leaves with a zingy peppery radish taste.
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Seed Grow Kit Radish MICROGREENS superfood Easy to Grow Your Own -Forager Table