Simon's Marmalade - Fabulous with Cheese

Sold by: Simon's Table Ltd


Unit: 90g jar

Special Diet: Vegan

Simon’s Marmalade – Fabulous with Cheese. This is the same full flavoured, tangy Seville Orange and Lemon marmalade with caramel undertones and evenly distributed small chunks of peel, but labelled to encourage the food connoisseur to pair it with cheese. It goes particularly well with mature hard cheeses and firm blue cheeses.

– Customers love Simon’s Marmalade with cheese –
Paired with Westcombe Cheddar
“This deeply savoury, grassy Cheddar sat well with the initial tangy notes of the marmalade and also had the complexity to power on through to match its sweet undertones.” Clare, Slate Cheese

Simon's Marmalade - Fabulous with Cheese