Simon's Marmalade Gin Liqueur 50cl

Sold by: Simon's Table Ltd


Unit: 50cl

Special Diet: No allergens, Gluten free, Vegan

Simon’s Marmalade Gin Liqueur is made by infusing a London Dry Gin with Simon’s Rich, Dark & Tangy Marmalade, producing an orange, zesty liqueur that can be drunk on its own, with ice or prosecco or in a cocktail. It also works well as an accompaniment to a pudding, poured on a good vanilla ice cream or as a digestif.
Simon’s Marmalade Gin Liqueur is also available in 5cl and 20cl bottles. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase this product from our website.
– Customers love Simon’s Marmalade Gin Liqueur –
“This gin is really beautiful. Very smooth with the subtle taste of marmalade. A real treat on its own with ice.”
Gill, Great Barton
“If you love Gin you have to try Simon’s Marmalade Gin Liqueur. We came across it at the Norwich food festival and a small sample had me wanting more. Now having had a decent sized glass my only concern is that it goes down so easy I may well run out before I get more.”
Pete, Norwich

Simon's Marmalade Gin Liqueur 50cl