Smoked Garlic Chinese 7 Spice Barbi7Spice - Seasoning by Barbismoked™

Smoked Garlic Chinese 7 Spice Barbi7Spice - Seasoning by Barbismoked™

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Special Diet: No allergens, Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic

Smoked Garlic Chinese 7 Spice Seasoning by Barbismoked™

• Sold as 30g jar £6.99 / 30g jar with 50g refill £11.50
• 50g refill £5.99 / 100g refill £7.99 / 150g refill (catering pk) £9.99

The exact origin of Chinese Five Spice Powder is unknown, but it some believe it is the result of the Chinese attempting to produce the ultimate “wonder powder”, combining all taste elements - sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and salty. Nevertheless, the result is a pungent, aromatic highly flavourful seasoning.

Our unique version of this popular spice incorporates seven aromatic spices including BarbiPowder, making this seasoning different from the usual blend which can be used in traditional Chinese recipes or used as a base for marinades, dips and dressing. We enjoy it on a variety of meats and fish giving a full bodied deliciously rich flavour.

Smoked Garlic Chinese 7 Spice Seasoning comes in a delightful Kilner spice jar for easy storage and is available with or without a handy refill pouch -

why not buy both as an unusual gift or to share with foodie friends and relatives!

We have used

Barbismoked™ Garlic Powder (BarbiPowder)
Red Sichuan Peppercorns
Star Anise
Sea Salt

Please note:

• The images are for example purposes only
• Kilner jar contents 35g- (203g inc jar) refill packs 50g/100g/150g (catering pl)
• Our seasonings are hand mixed so the strength of flavour may differ slightly
• No preservatives or flavour enhancers are used in our seasonings
• Store in a cool dry area away from direct light
• Contents may settle
• May take up to 5 days before dispatch subject to demand
• Seasonings are made to order
• Available in the UK only

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