Smoked Garlic™ Dried Flakes by Barbismoked™

Smoked Garlic™ Dried Flakes by Barbismoked™

Sold by: Barbismoked‚Ñ¢

Special Diet: No allergens

Food Seasoning/Condiment - Barbismoked™ Smoked Garlic™ - dried flakes

The perfect seasoning for all recipes and cuisines our delicious dried flakes can be added directly into your favourite recipes or added to salt or pepper mill for a simple and tasty seasoning for table use.

Barbismoked™ Garlic Recipe Recommendations

Use in all your favourite recipes such as:

Chinese & Indian recipes
Thai Recipes
Soups and stews
Pies & Quiches
Roast Veg
Dips, Dressings & Marinades
Pasta, rice and noodle dishes
... and much more

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Please Note

The images are for example purposes only
No preservatives or flavour enhancers used
Garlic Flakes are concentrated so you may wish to use smaller quantities than usual for flavouring your food
- subject to personal taste!
Store in a cool dry area in the foil pouch until ready to use
May take up to 5 days before dispatch subject to demand
Available in the UK only

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