Smoked Garlic Sizzling BBQ Mix by Barbismoked™

Smoked Garlic Sizzling BBQ Mix by Barbismoked™

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Special Diet: No allergens, Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic

Smoked Garlic Sizzling BBQ Mix by Barbismoked™

A deliciously warm and smoky-sweet sizzling BBQ mix hand blended from specially selected herbs and spices to season your favourite BBQ meats and fish with a burst of wonderfully aromatic mouth watering flavours

It's impossible to point to any one person or culture that "invented" the barbecue method of cooking, but there's a theory which suggests the word "barbecue" is a derivative of the West Indian term "barbacoa," which denotes a method of slow-cooking meat over hot coals.

However, we can look to several countries and cultures, from which the barbecue method likely gets its roots, like the Caribbean or 19th-century United States where these days it's become an art form!

Smoked Garlic Sizzling BBQ Mix comes in a delightful Kilner spice jar for easy storage and is available with or without a handy refill pouch - why not buy both as an unusual gift for foodie friends or relatives!

We have used:

Barbismoked™ smoked garlic flakes and powder
onion flakes
black pepper
cayenne pepper
smoked paprika
celery salt
chilli flakes
sea salt
golden sugar
We suggest adding some sizzling BBQ mix to olive oil and rub it over your meat or fish, then marinade for a couple of hours to really bring out the flavours of the blend and let it soak into the food before cooking over a hot grille.

Also great sprinkled onto veggies and as a general seasoning for all sorts of recipes! We love it on roasties!

Please Note

The images are for example purposes only
Our seasonings are hand mixed so the strength of flavour may differ slightly
No preservatives or flavour enhancers are used in our seasonings
Store in a cool dry area away from direct light
The weight of the contents is 45g (213g total inc jar)
Refills come in pouches of 50g/100g/150g (catering size)
Contents may settle
May take up to 5 days before dispatch subject to demand
Available in the UK only
May contain traces of nuts

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