Spicy Chutney & Jam Combination

Sold by: Dobzalicious Ltd


Unit: 3 x 190ml

Special Diet: Vegetarian

Want to turn up the heat a little? Then get yourself this amazing Spicy Chutney & Jam Combination.
The set include both of our spicy chutneys in one go - 1 jar (190ml) of Red Pepper & Chilli Chutney and 1 jar (190ml) of Indian Spiced Chutney and our amazing Sweet Chilli Jam (190ml).

All 3 have a unique and delicious flavour that go well with cold meats and cheese. Add them to your gravy for a spicy kick or to your chilli con carne or spaghetti bolognese for a sweet, warm flavour. The Sweet Chilli Jam can be used as well to spice up your chocolate cake!

Spicy Chutney & Jam Combination