The Green Sauce: Ginger, basil, garlic & parsley (Twin pack)

Sold by: Marie's Little Jar


Unit: 2 x 190ml jar

The Little Green Jar is Marie’s secret weapon – and now it’s yours too! Developed to add that extra zing to your homemade dishes. It is both a marinade and a condiment - not quite pesto, not quite tangy - we can promise you, you’re going to love this.
How do I use it?
You can use your little green jar as a marinade on your white meat, fish, or vegetables, to enrich your dish with flavour. Perfect for BBQs or roast meats, it can also be a great spread on your sandwiches or added to pasta as a sauce. It can be eaten cooked or straight out of the jar. Your ideal kitchen staple!
After opening, store in dry, cool place (fridge). We use no artificial or added preservatives, so we recommend keeping the sauce covered with a little layer oil to keep it nice and fresh. Use within 2 weeks of opening (however we reckon it will be eaten by then!)

Basil, Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Fresh Herbs, Dry Spice mix, Oil, Salt, Vegetable Mix, Black Pepper.
Suitable for vegans, nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free. No artificial preservatives or artificial additives.

The Green Sauce: Ginger, basil, garlic & parsley (Twin pack)