The Modern Mead Co - From The Birds To The Bees

The Modern Mead Co - From The Birds To The Bees

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Since their rise to popularity, the Vanguard ran by owner Samuel Boulton and manager Luke Morgan, have strived to fly the flag of Birmingham as they conquer the world of mead around the UK. Now, in the final months of 2019, they are setting out to create a mead of their own, a mead which truly shouts about Birmingham and its great heritage.
Working with as many Birmingham companies as possible, they have created “From the Birds to the Bees”, Birmingham's first Brummy Mead!

Made using honey sourced from the Birmingham area, most notably Bee9 honey, who’s hives sit upon the roof of the world famous Digbeth Custard Factory. Boulton said, “The honey from Bee9 is such a great example of how urban beekeeping can improve a city, the hives are full of life and the honey is outstanding quality”.

The design for the label was created by local artist Thomas Parry more commonly known by the name “Made on The Canal”, famed for his blueprint style artwork, Parry has drawn most of Birmingham’s most famous architecture such as the Bull Ring, Birmingham Library and even Villa Park home to Aston Villa.

Parry took inspirations from both the honey' origins and the Vanguard’s, drawing the original Bird Custards factory and the historical Chamberlain clock, which are all wrapped up with bees, and the Birmingham mascot of a bull.
The mead itself is a homage to traditional homemade meads of the 1800-1900th centuries, to show nothing but the true flavour of the honey, this mead is designed to be a Show Mead (non-flavoured). This means the honey added to water and yeast then slowly fermented over a longer period of time to around 5%, this helps to create a more gentle, subtle flavour. Then lightly filtered and sealed with a cork a natural beeswax cap.

But there is a catch….with the limited nature and supply of local high-quality honey, this limited edition bottling only has 50 bottles available! Each being hand-numbered by the team at the Vanguard.

Honey Base: Local Birmingham Wildflower Blend
Honey Percentage: 100%
Style: Light Mead
Flavourings: None
ABV: 5.5%
Size: 75cl