Traditional Smoked Salmon 200g Vacuum Packed D Sliced.

Traditional Smoked Salmon 200g Vacuum Packed D Sliced.

Sold by: Waveney Valley Smokehouse

Our Oak Smoked Salmon is now available direct from the smokehouse in 200g, 500g and Whole Side (1 kg+) packs.

There is smoked Salmon and there is our Traditionally Smoked Salmon that is slowly cured in Kosher grade Salt with a little sugar before being put into our 150 year old Kipper Kilns and slowly slowly smoked over seasoned local Oak shavings and dust. 

Our Salmon is sourced from Scotland or Norway it is rich in natural oils and packed with flavour. Our hand curing process takes at least 8 hours before chilling and smoking. The smoking takes about 20 hours by which time the product has a great flavour profile from both the Norfolk Oak and the character of the brick kilns. 

Packed in Vacuum sealed bags to preserve flavour and extend shelf life for about 2 weeks.

Contact us for more information about half and whole sides of Salmon.

Oak Smoked Salmon Sliced (Salmo salar)
This product is ready to heat or enjoy straight from the pack
Catch Area FAO Area 27 (Atlantic, Northeast) Farmed . Scotland or Norway
Approx serving size 50 g
Use within 3 days of opening.
Suitable for home freezing
Please beware this product may contain bones
Allergens Include Fish