Tropical Jam Set

Sold by: Dobzalicious Ltd


Unit: 2 x 190 ml

Special Diet: Vegetarian

These amazing tropical flavours will make your taste buds happy.
This Jam Set include 1 jar (190ml) of Caribbean Jam a.k.a. Banana & Rum Jam and 1 jar (190ml) of Pineapple Jam.

Bright and sunny, tangy and refreshing, the Pineapple Jam is full of juicy pineapple pieces in every bite. This delicious jam is perfect served on toast or crumpets and can also be used in a sweet & sour sauce or a glaze for roasted meats.

The Caribbean Jam is just so moreish. The Banana and Rum flavours will transport you to a Caribbean beach. Great to eat on toast or crumpets or use in cakes or pastries.

Tropical Jam Set