VASO - Wasp Trap (Pair)

Sold by: Beeza Ltd


Unit: 1 pair

Vaso Trap® is a newly marketed trap for catching harmful insects, also designed with in mind the need and benefit of recycling common containers.

Vaso Trap® can be screwed onto recycled 1 kg glass honey jars.
Vaso Trap® is made of tough plastic material and consists in two parts: a funnel, to be positioned on the top of the jar (so as to prevent captured insects from flying out) and a lid which screws onto the jar (so as to protect the bait from rain) and has 6 regular gaps (so as to let the insects in).

Vaso Trap® can be hung on tree branches or other supports, or it can be placed on a shelf or on the ground. Its stylish shape and flat base make this trap particularly suitable for outdoor spaces such as gardens, camping sites, terraces and boats.

Vaso Trap® is therefore an exciting alternative to Tap-Trap®, and offers yet another effective and environmentally friendly solution to attracting insects: a solution which is harmless to people, pets and good insects.

You are bidding on a pair of Tap Traps. These do not include the jar. Price includes VAT.

VASO - Wasp Trap (Pair)