White (Baek) Kimchi

Sold by: Belle & Herbs

Special Diet: Vegan

White Kimchi; ‘Baek Kimchi’ is a low spice/heat kimchi variety that is mild and refreshing, it is sweet & sour with a umami prawn 'funk'. Instead of Korean chili we use fermented sweet baby peppers. It’s particularly popular amongst kids and spicy food cautious people.  Ways we enjoy it: as an ingredient in kimchi fried rice or kimchi stew, as a great side dish or vegetable replacement with Asian foods or grilled meat/protein, brilliant and versatile on a sandwich or makes a great filling for dumplings. Will elevate instant noodles with very little effort!

Ingredients: Napa cabbage, mouli, Asian pear, spring onion, ginger, garlic, sweet red pepper, sea salt, Glutinous rice flour, kombu, *fish sauce, (our own fermented) *prawn, *sesame seeds.

*allergens: fish, prawn, sesame.

Nutrition: Typical values per 100g: Calories 22cal, Energy 93kj, Carbs 2.8g, Salt 1.3g, Protein 1g ,Fat 0g, Fibre 2g

Available in 315 grams, 1kg & 2.1kg

White (Baek) Kimchi