Wine Club Membership

Sold by: Bat and Bottle Wine Merchants

Joining our Wine Club costs as little as £53 a month

The Bat and Bottle Wine Club offers unprecedented access to some of the most extraordinary wines Italy has to offer.

Our Wine Club reflects what we love about this business – buying from dedicated small wine producers - and we enjoy being the first contact for our clients.

We have been importing Italian wine directly from small producers for 25 years, so the normal hyperbole of boutique wineries, small production, limited availability and exclusivity is in fact all entirely true; our youth may have been exchanged for experience and back pain but our focus remains resolutely ‘artisan’.

The Club's wines are those that we would normally buy for ourselves, usually only available in tiny quantities, often from newer or undeservedly overlooked producers; rare parcels of wine that have often been left un-shipped as the volume, and frankly the expense, just didn’t add up commercially.

The membership of this Wine Club gives that little extra flexibility to be able to say yes to, and actively seek out, those small exciting parcels, simply because there are enough of us invested and eager to enjoy.

Delivery months are: January | April | July | October

The Wine Club offers a quarterly case of 12 bottles for the Conspirators - or 6 bottles from the Vini Curiosity curated collections.


Does it cost anything to take part in the Wine Clubs?

No, in fact you will be paying a discounted price for the wines you receive. There are no membership charges, only membership discounts!

Are there any other benefits to joining the Wine Club?
• 10% discount on all your orders placed via the website. Your account will automatically be set to deduct 10% off every online order, every time you buy.
• First bite at the bin ends. Wine Club members will be offered bin ends first, it’s as simple as that.
• The chance to join us on buying trips. Wine Club members will have the opportunity to travel with us and meet the producers, see the vineyards and experience Italy in a truly unique way.

Am I committed to buying any wine?
No, absolutely no commitment. We will send you a selection of wines every quarter, but if you would rather choose your own, maybe even at another time of year, you simply pass on that case.

Can I buy the Wine Club wines from the main list rather than joining the Wine Club?
Occassionally these wines will only be offered to the Wine Club members. If there is any surplus left over, the wines will  appear on our wine list - but we can’t guarantee availability., and wine club members benefit from their 10% discount.

How often will the Club cases be sent?
Every quarter: January, April, July and October.

How do I pay for the wine club?
You choose whether to pay monthly or quarterly, by Direct Debit. When the quarterly case is sent, you will have already accumulated sufficient funds in your account to pay for the wine - which is a great feeling!

Wine Club Membership