Worm Tea Elixir Premium Liquid plant food - Foragers Table

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Worm Elixir Liquid Plant Food - Foragers Table.

The perfect addition to any gardeners toolkit - whether you are treating yourself or as a gift for your loved one, everyone's a winner, especially your plants and veggies. This is an organically made 100% natural plant food, if you google it its better than and manufactured plant food it is made by Mother Nature with a little help from Foragers Table. A personalised gift message can be included in the box upon request.

At Foragers Table we know what makes great plant food. We give our worms a comfortable home and feed them their favourite foods including our spent mushroom compost alongside our mineral full well water to drink. In return, these worms work very hard to create our ‘liquid gold’ plant food Elixir.

Worm Elixir is a magical mix that provides billions of good microbes such as fungi and helpful nitrogen that fixes the bacteria for your plants and veggies to thrive. Nothing beats Mother Nature. It is even perfect for your carnivorous plants - simply drop a concentrated droplet onto the plant's receptors and they’ll think they’ve just eaten their favourite fly!

Not only is our fabulous Elixir great for its nutritional properties but it is also a useful tool in building up a natural resistance in your garden to help protect against all your usual pests and fungi. All you need to do is spray the diluted Elixir directly onto your plants and it does the rest for you.

Our ‘All Purpose Premium Plant Food’ is perfect all year round, even when you leave your plants to rest! Dilute the Elixir to a very weak concentrate and water your plants all year around, giving them that little bit extra to help prepare your plants for the perfect start to the next growing season.

Prepared fresh by the Foragers Table worm workers this Elixir will be delivered directly in its fully concentrated form, Feed your plants weekly remember to dilute the mixture with a 1 part Elixir to 10 parts water ratio and you’re good to go!

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Worm Tea Elixir Premium Liquid plant food - Foragers Table