Zumub Protein Bar

Zumub Protein Bar

Sold by: XP Nutrition Supplements

Special Diet: Gluten free

Zumub Protein Bar - charged with what you need and free from what you don’t!

Inspired by love to sports and healthy living we are proud to present Zumub Protein Bar - a snack of goodness and power designed to be your portable filling station on the highway of mind blowing athletic results.

  • Incredible lean energy. This tiny goodie that virtually fits a pocket serves is rich in protein. Derived from milk and soy the featured proteins are highly bioavailable and easy on the stomach.
  • Alternative sweeteners - to decrease the calorific capacity without compromising the taste.
  • 0% Palm oil.
  • Gluten free.

Zumub Protein Bar - grab it, have it and go on like crazy!

  • Super efficient to restore your protein balance before or after a workout.
  • Energy infusing without the feeling of heaviness.
  • The deliciousness equaling that of an exquisite dessert.
  • Just right to enjoy on the go.

Like all the other protein bars Zumub Protein Bar gives an opportunity to satisfy your needs for certain nutrients anywhere and anytime, but unlike many of them this one does it in an exceptionally balanced way.

Try Zumub Protein Bar - a smart snack able to make a rewarding addition to your diet plan. Available Flavors: Coconut, Cookies, Red Fruits.