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Devils on Horseback

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– Ingredients –


Take three or four soft-dried prunes per person – six if they are very small – and check their stones have been removed. If you are going to stuff them with a smidge of mango chutney now is the time to do it. Place a rasher of bacon on a chopping board, place the prune at one end and roll it up. Secure the bacon in place with a cocktail stick. Place a few centimetres apart on a grill pan or baking sheet and grill until sizzling, turning once.


Soak the prunes in brandy for half an hour before wrapping. Use soft, semi-dried prunes or soak them overnight before using. If you are serving them with drinks, make sure you have stoned the prunes. No one wants to spit out a prune stone in the middle of party small-talk.


Use plumped-up dried apricots in place of the prunes. Substitute thinly sliced pancetta for the bacon. Tuck a skinned whole almond inside the prune, or a teaspoon of mango chutney or an olive. Some people swap the prune for a large chicken liver. Or use an oyster and call them angels on horseback.

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