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Lamb with Gooseberry Chutney

1. Cook 2 lean lamb leg steaks under a preheated grill for 8-12 minutes.
2. Meanwhile make the gooseberry chutney: in a pan add 300g can gooseberries in syrup, drained, 45ml(3tbsp) reserved syrup, 25g(1oz) sultanas, 30ml(2tbsp) muscavado sugar, 2.5ml( 1/2tsp) allspice. Mix together and simmer for 5-6 minutes until thickened and pulpy.
3. During the last 3-4 minutes cooking time top each lamb steak with a spoonful of the gooseberry chutney and 25g(1oz) Lancashire cheese or Wensleydale cheese. Return to the grill for the remaining cooking time until the cheese has melted and the lamb cooked through.
Eat.Serve with mashed potato stirred through with Lancashire or Wensleydale cheese and chives, and seasonal vegetables.Other suitable cuts include lamb chops or cutlets.

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– Ingredients –

Feeds: 2

Time to cook: Approximately 15 minutes
Lean lamb leg steaks
Can gooseberries
Muscavado sugar
Lancashire or Wensleydale cheese

– Author –

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