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Pastachio Ice Cream

Pour the Cointreau over the chopped candied fruit drowning it. Leave this to soak for about 10 minutes. Have ready a 4cup/2pt/1.2l bombe mould, pudding basin or similar-shaped vessel (preferably metal) and keep this and the whipped cream in the refrigerator until required; keep the ice-cream in the freezer.

When the mould is absolutely ice-cold, line the inside completely with the pistachio ice-cream using the back of a spoon. This you should dip in cold water from time to time as you work. Put the Iined mould in the freezer. Strain and dry the candied fruit.

Whip the egg white and confectionerÕs sugar together, fold into the whipped cream. Then carefully stir in the candied fruit and use the mixture to fill the centre of the lined mould.

Smooth the surface and put it back into the freezer at a temperature of -18°C/-4°F for at least 3 hours. Also chill the platter on which you plan to serve the dessert.

Shortly before you want to eat the Cassata, remove the mould from the freezer. Dip it into cold water to loosen the dessert, turning it out on to the chilled platter. Slice into eight sections, decorate with chopped and whole candied fruit and serve at once.

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– Ingredients –

4oz mixed candied fruit, finely chopped 100g
4tbsp liqueur such as Cointreau
5oz whipped cream 150g
1 1/4Ib best-quality pistachio ice-cream 500g
1 egg white
2oz confectionerÕs sugar, sifted 50g
chopped and whole candied fruit for decoration

– Author –

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