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Ingredients for meat free sausages

About Hooba Foods

We have created tasty family favourites that we hope will go down well with everyone.

If you’re a Vegan, Vegetarian or a meat eater, we believe you’ll love Hooba. You see our aim is to help reduce the production of meat and at the same time to improve health and wellbeing.

So we created Hooba Foods, a range of our favourite foods, with NO MEAT AT ALL, which is healthy, natural and most important of all, very, very tasty.

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Mon-Fri: 9-5

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Unit G13, Morton Park Way,

Tel: 01325 625 250


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Wonderful business, good to see somebody bringing ethics to the food industry!

Victoria - 3 June 2017

Wow, the pulled hooba is amazing. Just like pork but mile better for me

Jimmy - 3 June 2017
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