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Discounts on products for your shop

Ramsbury: Get 20% off your first order and become part of the Ramsbury family of trade customers

Our award-winning products are produced sustainably in our own state of the art brewery and distillery from the very finest quality grain that we grow on our estate in Wiltshire.

A biomass boiler using woodchip from our commercial woodland heats the water we use and wastewater is recycled through a reed bed system to a lake that supports wildlife. Spent grains are fed to our cattle.

All our spirits and oil are bottled and packed by hand and if you are within a 30 mile radius of the brewery and distillery we even deliver for free. (Subject to minimum order)

For our special trade price list and account simply email [email protected]

Lime Tree Pantry Pies: Get 50% special first order discount on our best selling pies

Lime Tree Pantry Foods is the home of delicious and Award Winning shortcrust pastry pies and delicious cakes.

Our famous shortcrust pastry recipe has been passed down through generations and it truly does give our range of savoury and sweet pies that ‘just like grandma used to make’ taste.

We supply many shops, delis, pubs and bars and all see great sales.

To try our pies you can get 50% off your first order, get in touch with our team by emailing [email protected]

Barries: Get 10% off your first order of best selling vegan Mayonnaise

We would love to introduce you to an innovative new vegan mayo, Barries.

We have created an egg free product which competes with traditional mayonnaise on every level. We don’t define ourselves as a vegan mayo but a mayonnaise that happens to be vegan. We are also uniquely free from any stabilisers, preservative or additives.

We have developed four other trailblazing flavours to go along with our original – Miso & Sesame, Smoked Paprika, Rosemary & Thyme and Scotch Bonnet

Call Roddy on 0207 112 4847 for more details and mention BigBarn to get your discount

Win customers with Beckford’s Award Winning Rum for special tastings

We launched our Caramel Rum in 2019, won a 3 Star Great Taste Award and sales over 49,000 bottles.

More recently we have launched a Caramel Folly at 40%, Pineapple, Black Spiced and a Coconut Rum, all proven best sellers.

During lockdown we started listings in retailers with a hugely successful customer tastings using our free samples and social networking. We usually find that everyone who try’s our rum buys, then returns to buy again.

For more and to book a tasting event in your shop call Lesley at Beckfords Rum on 07961 471 474 [email protected]

20% off Naked Biotics: Real & effective pro-biotics

Naked Biotics is a live fermented bacteria, brewed specially to meet the growing customer demand for real & effective pro-biotics.

With over 15 years of development Naked Biotics is a vegan, raw and natural liquid shot brewed with botanicals to maintain and restore gut health.

Fermented for 21 days using NBTP (naked body temperature process), each bottle of Naked Biotics contains 12 strains and multiple classes of live bacteria, plus specially selected botanicals, ready to survive and grow in the body.

No nasties! 100% natural, gluten free, GMO free, preservative free and vegan
Backed by South Bank University, London to take part in Clinical Trials in 2021
Get 20% off your first order. Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Bonnie Yau’s: 15% off first order

Get 15% off your first order of Authentic Oriental sauces for members. All-natural, low allergen and vegan.

At Yau’s it’s all about the taste. From original recipes we’ve created a range of sauces that deliver on flavour and are truly authentic. Our aim is to inspire you in the kitchen with products that will allow you to create dishes that the whole family will love, and with minimal fuss.

Includes the unique, Free From award-winning Nut Free Thai Satay sauce and Soy-Free Hoi Sin sauce. 10 sauces in the range plus authentic noodles. Call Phil on 07595 167029

Certainly Wood: Flamers Natural Firelighters

Flamers Natural Firelighters are not your ordinary firelighters; they’re made from natural, renewable, untreated wood shavings dipped in wax. They are made in Britain, and due to their natural ingredients, they are odourless too.

We have found that once people discover Flamers, they do not buy any other firelighters as they are so easy to light and provide a long-burn. You also only need one to light a fire which means they’re great value for money.

We are offering great introductory prices to BigBarn members and we’ll even send you a free sample upon request – simply click on this link for more details:

Chapmans Seafood: 10% off first order

Special freezer for retailers

All of our Natural Fish are always carefully sourced and we focus on supplying our customers with only the best quality.

From our famous fish cakes to shellfish and fresh fish we have a huge range for you to choose from.

We have a vast network of stockists throughout the UK that stock Chapman’s products.

Our fish will be delivered to your door frozen and ready to use.

Contact: Kevin Chapman on 01472 269871

Get 20% off natural, ecological, Electrox Sterilising Water

Electrox Sterilising water is an extremely powerful disinfectant, proven to kill Covid-19, Norovirus, MRSA, Legionalla pneumophila etc. Fully certified and in line with PHE guidance, it is composed of pure water, salt and hypochlorous acid, it is also an ecological solution and very economical. It is safe to use on all surfaces, even around food production areas.

Our Water is quick and easy to use by either fogging or in spray bottles. Regular use of Electrox can take the area to a much higher general level of hygiene and sanitisation and provide significant benefits over chemical based products:

80 times more effective than bleach, under 5 minute drying time, ph neutral, noncorrosive, no alcohol, hypoallergenic, almost odourless, kills 99.99% of germs, spores, fungi and viruses (EN Certified)

You can use the water for your business AND sell it to the growing number of customers looking for ecological and natural product

Simply call Felicity at Electrox for more on 07886 075 310 or email: [email protected]

Discounts on services for your business

MaxOptra: Simplified route optimisation & Smarter customer experience for BigBarn members

Essential to every fleet operator, our combination of innovative technology and industry experts will dramatically transform your business and deliver ROI, fast.

MaxOptra has been providing advanced route optimisation solutions to forward thinking operators within a variety of industries, since 1999.

We now have over 500 customers running distribution and service fleets using MaxOptra-generated plans every day.

Our innovative software will dramatically transform your business. Proven to reduce costs in the region of 20%, cut CO2 emission, and improve customer service, MaxOptra offers simplified route optimisation and a smarter customer experience, all effortlessly delivered. Call Jack Bevan on 01273 855 877 for your special BigBarn service

Polar Thermal: To get your special 10% off first order BigBarn rate

Polar Thermal DotBox, keeping chilled products in temperature range for up to 18 hours and frozen for up to 20 hours.

It’s extensively reusable (years), cleanable, foldable (saving up to 60% in warehouse space) recyclable and has proven thermal performance, making it perfect to use in ambient or temperature-controlled vehicles (diesel or electric).

Say goodbye to the limitations of chilled or frozen vehicle compartment capacity!

Call Martin Keenan on 07949 931448 for more details and to get your BigBarn discount

WOOLCOOL Packaging: To get your special 10% off first order BigBarn rate

Woolcool is insulated packaging for the distribution of your product. It is high performance, eco-friendly and sustainable, made from 100% Sheep Wool.

We are the solution of choice for the market leaders in online food delivery, eliminating the expense of temperature controlled transport, while ensuring your product arrives fresh to your customer.

To discuss your requirements, call our team today on 01785 262 030. Don’t forget to mention BigBarn to receive 10% off your first order!

For small orders call 3R Sustainable Products on 01282 50 50 08 and also mention BigBarn for a discount.

Bizerba Food Equipment: 10% discount

Thought about winning customers by cutting the use of plastics? Simply allow customers to buy what they want and put it in a paper bag.

Get the special BigBarn 10% discount on all Retail Equipment, like zero waste scales, slicers, mincers, bone saws, and tenderisers.

Our most popular product at the moment is the X-Class 800 self-service scales zero waste.

Call us on 01480 890 970 for more information on how to apply for the discount. *NB Discounts will only be applied to the original quotes*

Farm Diversity Magazine: 10% Discount

As the farming industry has changed dramatically over the past few years landowners are finding new ways of diversifying to improve returns and make farming profitable again.

At Farm Diversity magazine, we offer those in the industry informative articles and case studies of how farmers have used innovative methods to make more money from their land.

We also feature the products and services they need to make farm diversification a success. For more click here

Contact us on 01257 267677 and quote ‘BigBarn’ for 10% off your advertising needs.

Agrantec Traceability: Get special rates on Agrantec’s traceability software

Agrantec offer a complete paperless traceability and production data management solution to the food industry saving valuable time and money.

Keeping traceability at the heart, the platform uses cloud technology to provide an easy-to-use, secure and seamless management tool to businesses for documenting food production processes including stock and recipe management, end-to-end trace, food safety and quality records.

To future proof your company, get in touch with our team by emailing [email protected] or call 0117 926 9003