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  • G&Tea

    Postcode: PL14 4LD

    The G&Tea story began out of a desire to create something truly special for our fellow gin lovers. Selecting some of our finest whole leaf teas, herbs and fruits from around the world, we have worked with the masters at Colwith distillery in Cornwall to infuse our exquisite natural teas and carefully selected botanicals into the finest craft gin to bring you this brew-tea-ful range of innovative alcoholic beverages.

    The G&Tea range is a trio of distinct tea inspired gins that will delight the taste buds and dazzle the senses.

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  • The Wee Shoppe Bakery

    Postcode: TQ14 8HH

    Most of the locals believe we are the best bakery in Teignmouth, not only because of the amazing food also the very welcoming staff who all love to speak to the customers and make them want to keep coming back.

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  • Harley House Distillery

    Postcode: BN25 4QH

    Our distillery prides itself on creating unique produce that showcases our local area and leaves a lasting memory on the tastebuds. We use water from our aquifer in the South Downs in every batch we create. The water is thoroughly filtered through the South Downs to provide the purest beginning of any spirit. We use the fresh water to create initial alcohol solutions which is unusual however, it is something we particularly pride ourselves on.

    Being a family run business means that we take pride in every bottle that goes out of the distillery. Our Creative Distiller produces each batch by hand from start to finish and ensures that the final batch is to his taste satisfaction. The bottles are individually labelled and hand stamped before being carefully hand filled. The final process is placing caps on the bottles, sealing them and boxing before sending them directly to you.

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  • Viper Gin

    Postcode: DT2 7JS

    We are Viper Gin.
    Based in Cerne Abbas, Dorset. Our distillery is continually developing new recipes for production and proudly promoting all local businesses we are lucky enough to work with.

    Our distilling journey began with English wheat grain spirit and ten botanicals, producing our balanced and intriguing London Dry Gin.

    The name Viper was born as we were preparing our plot to grow botanicals in Dorset, whilst clearing the long grass we came across a rare sight. A Viper! This seemed quite fortuitous, the name stuck an we haven’t looked back since.

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  • Mays & Green

    Postcode: BH24

    Homemade salad dressings Mays & Green has been producing salad dressings since 1993. We make three dressings - French, Mustard and Oriental Style.
    Our dressings are all handmade in small batches, using natural vegan ingredients. We would never add any colourings, flavourings or additives to our dressings.
    When you receive our dressings, it is likely they will have separated into layers. This is due to our use of all natural ingredients and does not have any impact on the quality or flavour of the product – just remember to give it a good shake up before you use it.
    Not just for salad
    There is so much more to our products than just dressing up your salads. Please take a look at our Recipe suggestions page.

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  • Gritchie Brewing Company

    Postcode: SP5 5AW

    Welcome to the Gritchie Brewing Company. A small independent brewery owned by Guy Ritchie, based in Wiltshire. We use natural resources to give people a real taste of Britishness in our brews

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  • Cools Farm Organic

    Postcode: SP3 6DB

    Cools Farm Organics, selling our quality grass fed meats at local food markets or straight off the farm! Our Pedigree Red Poll cattle are fed exclusively on organic grass. Our lambs are solely grass fed, currently in organic conversion

    Find us at your local market!
    Tuesday - Melksham 8:30am - 12pm
    Wednesday - Popup shop @ Cools Farm 2:30pm - 4.30pm
    Thursday - Shaftesbury Market 8am - 12pm
    Saturday - Sherborne Market 9am - 1pm
    Sunday - Gillingham White Hart Market 8:30am - 2pm

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  • The Game Chef

    Postcode: TA247QG

    The Game Chef specialises in supplying delicious, easy cook Game Meat Products, harvested from the wild, given The Game Chef special treatment and delivered direct to your door.

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  • Simple Jims CBD

    Postcode: BR4 9DL

    Simple Jims is an independent south London based CBD brand emerging in the UK market, all our products are naturally sourced, cruelty free & Hand Crafted in London. Simple Jim’s aims to create products with care that are readily available & accessible for Uk customers What can CBD do for you? CBD and other cannabinoids have been used as a home remedy throughout the world over the last few millennia. For legal reasons I must be very careful with what I say however there is a multitude of research available to the public that present the benefits cannabis & CBD provide. What do our customers use CBD for? Sleep disorders Joint and muscle aches Anxiety and depression Arthritis, fibromyalgia and osteoporosis PTSD Migraines High blood pressure Post-traumatic stress disorder Menopausal symptoms The effects of Parkinson’s Disease Coronary inflammation Irritable Bowel Syndrome Disclaimer – All of the products available at Simple Jim's CBD are not for use by or sale to any persons under the age of 18. All products contain less than 0.2% THC and meet the legal requirements for the sale of hemp. Our products are sold as food supplements which are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any medical conditions. Before taking any CBD products we recommend that you consult a medical professional. CBD products should not be consumed by anyone that is pregnant or breastfeeding.

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  • Clarence Court

    Postcode: SN15 2LZ

    Clarence Court® free range eggs are a class apart! Choose from hen, duck, quail, bantam, goose, guinea fowl, pheasant, ostrich, turkey or rhea eggs.

    We show you how to make the most of our eggs, giving you recipe ideas, sharing community ideas, and general food talk.

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  • Biltong Boss

    Postcode: SL4 6QY

    Biltong Boss is enthusiastic, adventurous and has a passion for authentic biltong and meat snacks. Our mission is to provide the people of the world with high quality healthy snacks.

    We combine premium ingredients with high quality beef from British and Irish cattle to create an unforgettable (sensational) taste. Our products have wide appeal. They are also suitable for those on paleo, keto and Atkins diets, due to their high protein content and very low sugar and saturated fat levels.

    We work hard to make sure our products are available to our cherished customers easily and in a variety of places: always encouraging feedback and engagement whenever we are out on the road.
    Biltong Boss – perfect meat for perfect snacking!

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  • Ethical Butcher

    Postcode: HA0 4LW


    Ecommerce website selling the most ethically sourced meats available from UK farmers. Fundamentally changing how we see our place within nature supporting regenerative agriculture.
    Meat that has a positive impact on the environment.

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  • Old Bakery Gin Distillery

    Postcode: N13 4PF

    In 2012 we bought a 120 year old bakery to use as our office for our Leak Detection Business...it had a secret, 100yrs ago they distilled & sold illegal Gin.

    We created our own mini Copper Stills.

    Old Bakery Gin is now back & legal!

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  • Rollagranola

    Postcode: SG4 0TY

    Producing proper granola from our family run factory in Hertfordshire we give you the best way to start your day. Using natural ingredients and creating sensational taste we give you better.

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  • Foxdenton Estate Spirits & Liqueurs

    Postcode: MK18 1RQ

    We are a family run company specialising in the production of English Fruit Gin Liqueurs and London Dry Gin. Our aim is to make great seasonal drinks based on traditional recipes and using British fruit.

    Based in the Home Counties we directly supply a large range of businesses across the UK, from small Farm Shops & Delis to specialist Wine & Spirits suppliers and Wholesalers.

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  • Charcuterie Hereford

    Postcode: HR1 2DS

    Since we opened our doors in 2019, Charcuterie Hereford has become a must-visit Traditional Continental Meat & Game Shop in Herefordshire. Known for our professional service and high-quality products, we aim to be your only stop when it comes to food.

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  • The Sweet Potato Spirit Co.

    Postcode: WR10 2EY

    Following in the footsteps of our forefathers, we have taken the best of those age old methods forged in times gone by and added our own ingenious twists to create a range of artisan spirits packed with flavour.

    Crisp gins. Smooth liqueurs. Pure vodkas. Even a modern-day Gold medal winning twist on the moonshines that started it all. Our UK-first range has been created to satisfy the most discerning drinker no matter the occasion.

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  • Tony Little Produce

    Postcode: SA42 0RF

    Local produce systems & promotions

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  • Heart of Suffolk

    Postcode: IP14 4NH

    We are a small batch distillery producing a unique flavoured artisan gin. Please visit us to experience how our distillery works.

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  • The Refill Shop of Ikigai

    Postcode: PE27 5EA

    We are a refill shop that helps you find your ikigai by reducing your plastic consumption, reusing what you already have and composting everything else!

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  • Archangel Distilleries

    Postcode: NR21 7PG

    Archangel is a rich, complex gin bursting with exciting flavours. On the nose, the juniper, some of which is locally grown, floods through;the verbena and orange peel add a light, zesty fragrance to the top notes with rooty botanicals including cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom breaking through at the finish. Both gin and vodka are full bodied, deliciously smooth, and mix refreshingly with tonic. When used in cocktails they add great sophistication and depth.

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  • Pen y Bryn Apiary

    Postcode: LL40 2TN

    Award-winning honey and wax products; beekeeping equipment; nucleus of Welsh Black Bees; mentoring and advice.

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  • Unthank Hall Traditional Meats

    Postcode: S18 7WF


    We are a family run farm producing the best home grown, grass fed Dexter cattle, outdoor reared pigs and rare breed sheep. Welcome to Unthank Hall Traditional Meats. Our meats are reared on our own land, where they can enjoy fresh air and grass to feed upon. We are able to offer a variety of hampers. These are perfect to cook for family and friends. Whether you feast on our grass fed Topside Joint or a free range Loin Joint, we can help

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  • Wild Fox Distillery

    Postcode: PR3 2LH

    We are fourth Generation farmers with an inherited passion for quality & caring for our surroundings. Diversifying in to ‘farm-to-bottle’ Gin crafting in 2019, we strive to embody the heritage of our farm in each bottle. We have full control over each stage, with everything being done right here on our farm. Developed, harvested, distilled, bottled & labelled by us.

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  • The Farmhouse Fudge Co.

    Postcode: LA229SL

    We are artisan producers of handcrafted personalised fudge and chocolates. Our rich creamy fudge tablets are smothered in luxury  Belgian milk chocolate and given a message of your choice. We then dispatch in ribboned pink or blue gift postal boxes within 2- 5 days.

    Our Handmade luxury chocolates are delicately crafted and flavoured by Angela & Dora in our Farmhouse workshop. This then  produces our range of very special Lakeland Chocolates.

    Both Fudges and chocolates can be purchased in our shop in Grasmere or through this site or online.

    Do Enjoy and look forward to seeing you.

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  • Yarm Distillery

    Postcode: TS16 0RG

    Yarm Distillery is an independent, family run company headed by Sam Marsden Company Director and Richard Marsden Master Distiller. We have both been involved in the drinks industry since 2008, producing and bottling alcoholic beverages for our customers. Due to the boom in craft gins we decided that we would create our own range of gins.

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  • Hemp North Ltd

    Postcode: NE66 4ED

    Hemp North Ltd is bringing Hemp products grown in Northumberland, to the UK market. Our long summer days are perfect for growing big healthy hemp crops, which are then packaged by us and sold to you direct We are supporting local farmers and communities and looking to spread the knowledge and benefits of growing hemp for the environment and for you

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  • Morrison Scotch Whiskey Distillery

    Postcode: PH2 9LX

    In 2017, we started distilling a new single malt in Aberargie, Perthshire.
    Aptly named Aberargie Distillery, it is located on our family’s 300 acre farm just outside of Perth.

    Our Lowlands distillery is a “barley to bottle” operation set up to produce a rich, fruity and waxy style of whisky with the occasional peated run. Aberargie predominately uses Golden Promise, a heritage variety of barley that has not been widely used by the whisky industry for several years and is grown on our own farm.

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  • BoTree Seasoning

    Postcode: PH2 9HN

    We bring the finest seasonings to every foodie’s table. Our organic, ethical family farm produces award-winning Kampot pepper and supports the the renaissance of Cambodian pepper farming

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