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  • Gibsons Cornish Ice Cream

    Postcode: PL13 1EP

    WHOLESALE OR local collection

    As well as making Dairy Ice Cream, we also make Vegan, Gluten Free, Doggy Ice Cream and Sorbets. We have a range of 30 flavours, however if there is a specific flavour that you would like, then we can create this for you. Just like we are doing Christmas Pudding this year!

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  • Ben's Wine & Tapas, Totnes

    Postcode: TQ9 5SQ

    Our Wine & Tapas bar is a relaxed place to meet, eat, drink and buy some great wine to take home. We're open Monday to Saturday for breakfast, coffee, delicious cakes made by us and a varied tapas menu which is served from 12pm right through to dinner. We use the same produce here as at the farm shops and dishes change to reflect the best of seasonal and local sourcing. Add to that an impressive selection of wines that are available by the glass or bottle, with a meal or to buy and enjoy at home. We also have a lovely sunny, walled garden.

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  • County Foods Ltd

    Postcode: BH15 3SU

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Ben's Farm Shop Exeter

    Postcode: EX2 4TA

    Ben's Farm Shops are located at Staverton, Totnes, Yealmpton & Exeter and we also have Ben's Wine & Tapas in Totnes High Street. We sell good food from good farming.
    We love organic food, and most of what we sell is organic. But we also sell local food that isn’t sprayed but may not be certified.
    We believe food should tell a story, and we love to tell the stories behind the food we sell.
    Our tapas bar stocks a wide range of excellent wines, mostly from small-scale grower winemakers across the world. We serve small dishes of simple, tasty food, mostly made from organic ingredients. Great food for sharing with friends and family.

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  • Solent Butchers Limited

    Postcode: PO3 5SD

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Taste Of The Wild

    Postcode: TA18 7PU

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Curtis Pitts Deer Services Ltd

    Postcode: EX15 3na

    British Game Alliance member

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  • The duke of cumberland arms

    Postcode: Gu273HQ

    British Game Alliance member

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  • The Red Lyon Pub

    Postcode: RH13 0RR

    A quintessentially English pub tucked away in the beautiful village of Slinfold. Recently taken over by Revived Inns who specialise in delicious carveries and other local food. 

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  • Plurenden Manor Farm

    Postcode: TN26 3JW

    Award winning Fresh milk and dairy produce all bottled here on our farm from our own herd of cows.

    Grazed in the garden of England

    Doorstep delivery and wholesale available

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  • Woods Family Butcher

    Postcode: GU14 6EW

    We are a family run business with a focus on providing high quality meat with a friendly, personal service.

    We will help you find the right meat for any occasion, at the right price!

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  • BeeGood

    Postcode: RG24 8PH

    Producers of award-winning natural skincare "made by British bees". Our passion drives everything we do at Bee Good and was born out of our love of bees and the natural world to produce a range of products for all skin types.

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  • Walter Rose and Son Ltd

    Postcode: SN10 1LD

    British Game Alliance member

    Walter Rose and Son is a dynamic and thoroughly modern retail and catering butcher but we never forget the cornerstones we were founded on – master butcher

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  • Vaughan's Kitchen and Cookery School

    Postcode: SN10 2HJ

    "Naturally Balanced is our fundamental philosophy. Whether it's catering for a special event or a Cookery School Masterclass, our passion for using good ingredients in the right balance is paramount." Peter Vaughan

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  • UK Curry Connect

    Postcode: BS23 3YS

    British Game Alliance member

    Connecting All curry lovers and catering associations to tackle the challenges industry is facing in present times including Staff Crisis, Business Ethics and continuous improvements.

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  • Thatchams Butchers Ltd

    Postcode: RG14 5RU

    British Game Alliance member

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  • The Ethicurean

    Postcode: BS40 5SA

    “The words ‘unique’, ‘innovative’ and ‘exciting’ are casually bandied around in the food world, but there are very few chefs doing what the Ethicurean team have achieved so successfully. The vast majority of their produce comes from a single garden and from suppliers located just down the road; they seek to find local alternatives to foreign ingredients when creating their dishes; and they are celebrating and thoroughly updating British cooking, with the utmost integrity and respect for tradition and ingredients. They are setting the standard for how we will all be sourcing our food and cooking at home in the next few decades,”

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  • Nutrileaves

    Postcode: RG41 3HX

    Nutrileaves is a local sustainable food producer, based in Wokingham, growing deliciously healthy microgreens using organic processes, that are packed with nutrients and full of flavour. We do a weekly harvest and aim to deliver, within 24 hours, to local residents, restaurants, cafes and food stores in the Wokingham area – minimising food miles and maximising freshness!

    You can find out more about Nutrileaves, our microgreens and our delivery area at our website:

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  • Fernygrove Farm Shop

    Postcode: RG42 6HN

    The Quintessential Home of Local Produce
    Award winning Fernygrove Farm offers high quality, home-grown and local produce within its farm shop, butchery and coffee shop.
    Passionately run as a family business by James and Charlotte Quinn, Fernygrove Farm has built its reputation by supplying only the best quality meat, vegetables, cheeses, breads and sundries.
    Open Tuesday to Sunday, the family has farmed and produced local foods since 1944. The farm offers a relaxed place to meet with stunning views across the Berkshire countryside for social occasions or business meetings.

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  • Wild Harvest LTD

    Postcode: SW8 5HH

    British Game Alliance member

    Based out of New Covent Garden Market, Wild Harvest was originally established in the early 90s as a mushroom, truffle and foraged produce supplier. While we have grown, this produce has remained firmly rooted at the heart of the business, complementing our range of hand-picked specialist produce expertly supplied to our ever-growing UK customer base. We are a critical part of the Fresh Direct Group, a set of four brands brought together to offer the foodservice industry the most comprehensive fresh food supply offer on the market.
    We pride ourselves on supplying the very finest seasonal and specialist ingredients to top restaurants around the UK, supported by uncompromising service and an understanding of fine dining needs. Core to our offering is our range of premium quality, seasonal mushrooms, truffles, game & fresh produce to specialist chef ingredients including handmade pasta, chocolate, oils & vinegars and SOSA products. Working closely with a range of suppliers and growers across the UK and with links to Rungis and Milan market means we have constant access to a wide range of seasonally led produce.

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  • Billfields

    Postcode: sw8 5ee

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Hobbs House Bakery Bristol

    Postcode: BS3 1JL

    Hobbs House Bakery was established in the Cotswolds in the 1920’s and we are a true family business with five generations of baking experience. We are now bringing up the sixth generation of aspiring bakers.
    We believe that handmade bread should be available to everyone. At our bakery in Chipping Sodbury our expert team of bakers produce an exceptional range of high quality breads, pastries and confectionery.

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  • Garlands Organic

    Postcode: RG8 7LY

    We love finding exciting new products and brands, and stocking really good quality products that aren't widely available in the supermarket.
    You can visit our shop in Pangbourne or but online at We also have a sister website at for customers who wish to buy organic products in bulk.
    We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and will always go the extra mile to help whether that involves looking something up on the internet, ringing a supplier or placing a special order.

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  • Westminster Kings Way College

    Postcode: SW1P 2PD

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Adelina Yard

    Postcode: BS1 4SL

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Brew By Numbers

    Postcode: SE16 3RA

    At Brew By Numbers we create modern, exploratory beers, handcrafted in London.

    Flavour, balance and drinkability, across an extensive catalogue of styles and recipes.

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  • Harrods

    Postcode: sw1x 7xl

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Campbell Brothers at Selfridges London

    Postcode: W1A 1AB

    British Game Alliance member

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    Postcode: w37XS

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Hobbs House Bakery Gloucester Rd

    Postcode: BS7 8BE

    Hobbs House Bakery was established in the Cotswolds in the 1920’s and we are a true family business with five generations of baking experience. We are now bringing up the sixth generation of aspiring bakers.
    We believe that handmade bread should be available to everyone. At our bakery in Chipping Sodbury our expert team of bakers produce an exceptional range of high quality breads, pastries and confectionery.

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  • The Quality Chop House

    Postcode: EC1R 3EA

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Kure LTD

    Postcode: EC2A 4NE

    Kure Oxygen Spring Water, The Everyday Drinking Water for optimal health & Wellbeing.

    Kure LTD is a British company that has is focused on combining nature with the latest proven technologies to create disruptive products that directly have a positive effect on peoples lives improving their quality of life. This is exactly what has been reported to us by those using our products.

    Why Kure Oxygen Water?

    Kure Oxygen Spring Water is an everyday drinking water that is still but has more going on inside than any other commercially available bottled water, incomparable to leading brands.

    Real people that drink Kure Oxygen Water have reported improvements in their quality of Life.

    Why is KURE unique and incomparable to other brands?
    KURE Oxygen Spring Water is a safe and natural way to increase the available Oxygen intake & hydration through a still natural spring water and it is incomparable to traditional bottled waters (Evian, Smart, Volvic etc)

    A fusion of the two elements that bring life to all of humanity and our planet. The deficiency of these 2 elements alone are the cause of many of humanities afflictions and illnesses, with this in mind Kure LTD has created a truly unique, premium formulation with absolutely nothing else added, only the 2 most key elements of life, Natural spring water and Pure Super Hyper Oxygen. Our process ensures the Oxygen becomes an internal part of the waters form, so nothing is lost when you open a bottle of Kure and the complete goodness is received once Kure is enjoyed delivering all the benefits to the bodies core.

    There have been several live blood analysis completed before and after enjoying Kure Oxygen Water and the results have been both amazing and dramatic. Kure changed the blood profile of all of those people that were tested.

    We are receiving improved results in blood parameters in several ages and with several afflicting conditions & tests show cells are hydrated for longer which is a game changer for athletes, sports enthusiasts, gym goers and those that require more focus and alertness in their studies or work.

    Improvement in the viscosity and oxygenation of the blood can only be of benefit not only to every day health, athletic performance and detoxification but also in any condition whereby blood circulation is affected.

    Don’t just HYDRATE, OXYGENATE.

    Increased Metabolism & Energy Levels.
Improve Stamina and Faster Recovery.
Strengthening and increased joint movement.
Improve Flexibility - Mobility and Strength
Anti-inflammatory treatments.
Faster Recovery from Injury
Cell regeneration.
Restful Sleep
Stress Reduction.

    Hydroxyl Molecules like H305 and other forms that are Bio Available are present in Kure Oxygen Water which makes it perfect for kids and big ones too.

    Kure Oxygen water is a complete daily lifestyle support product for children & Adults.


    It is undoubted and proven that additional available oxygen is of benefit to every human. Quite simply we are not getting enough oxygen into our bodies, results of benefits will of course vary just as humans do, however additional oxygen and correct hydration is critical.

    In an ever-increasing health conscious society where millenniums are now spending more time in the gyms other than pubs, focusing on their health and wellbeing, Kure Oxygen Spring Water will have a very exciting future for those looking to embrace their best possible health going forward.

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  • Homeslice

    Postcode: Various

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Wild and Game Ltd

    Postcode: BS9 3EF

    British Game Alliance member

    A healthy & delicious GAME based food range, harvested from our great British Countryside available for all & all year round!

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  • The Butchers Tap Ltd

    Postcode: SL7 3HJ

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Red Dog Cider

    Postcode: OX10 6NF

    Get all the latest news about Red Dog Cider, where you can buy it, which festivals will be stocking it and how the production is going each year.
    So we’ve just announced that Blue Tin Produce are now stocking Red Dog Cider in their fabulous farm shop and cafe in Ipsden. Do pay them a visit - we recommend the sausage rolls in particular, and of course your favourite local cider as an accompaniment!
    The Woodcote Steam Rally takes place over the weekend of 14-15 July and you’ll also be able to find draft Red Dog in the beer & cider tent there. And it won’t be long until the famous Wallingford Bunkfest hits the streets (31st Aug-2nd Sept), so we’re keeping all fingers crossed for a long hot summer that lasts until then.

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  • Darlington Arms

    Postcode: BS40 5TE

    Our traditional pub in Redhill, nr Bristol, has been stylishly refurbished to make it the perfect place to find a cosy corner and take time out whilst enjoying a drink from our great selection of wines, ales and lagers.
    Inside you will find roaring log fire, a unique dining room and comfy armchairs to while away the afternoon. We also offer homemade luscious cake and a range of coffee, Hot chocolate and tea.
    Our kitchen offers some great seasonal dishes.

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  • Waltham Cross Farmers Market

    Postcode: EN8 7BZ

    Lots of local fresh produce.

    3rd Sunday every month, 10-3

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  • Tuckers Butchers

    Postcode: SA3 4AX

    Tuckers Butchers is a British Game Alliance Member.  Tuckers is a traditional butcher, established in 1984 in the village of Penclawdd on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. Our second shop opened in Mumbles in 2017.  We supply locally sourced meat - Gower beef, pork and salt marsh lamb.  We make our own award winning BBQ products and cure our own Gower bacon.

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  • Town Gate Butchery

    Postcode: NP16 5DB

    British Game Alliance member

    Our ethos is to provide fine cuts of meat, expert knowledge, locally sourced products and to serve our customers with quality hand-made goods

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  • Dutch Nursery and Food Hall

    Postcode: AL9 6ND

    Dutch Market Place is more than just a garden centre: situated at its heart is the vibrant café dutch, a popular meeting place and somewhere that provides a relaxing environment, serving quality hot and cold homemade food everyday of the week. Every month the in the café we host event nights for nationally and globally renowned tribute acts.

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  • Wicks Manor Family Farmers & Butchers

    Postcode: CM9 8JU

    British Game Alliance member

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  • The Little Fish Co

    Postcode: CO5 9AG

    We’re your local Fishmongers and Butchers located in the village of Kelvedon.
    We try to source as much fish as we can locally from the fishing boats at Wivenhoe. In addition, we have fish brought from Peterhead and Grimsby daily

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  • Severn Snacks Ltd

    Postcode: GL4 8LH

    British Game Alliance member

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  • C&P Meat Sales Ltd

    Postcode: GL4 3RW

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Castell Howell Foods Ltd

    Postcode: SA14 6SX

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Lodge Farm Kitchen

    Postcode: HR9 7XP

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Arbournes Country Kitchen Ltd

    Postcode: HR9 7DY

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Cornwalls family butchers

    Postcode: Hr97dy

    British Game Alliance member

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  • The Mobile Lunch Company

    Postcode: CO9 2SB

    Chef with a fully equipped mobile kitchen. I come to your address, barn, village hall or field to prepare, cook and present the meal(s) of your choice. So if you would like a full roast for 15 people, a cold or hot buffet for 30+ or even a freshly made paella for 100, do make contact to discuss your requirement.

    Thanks and kind regards David

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  • Pinneys of Orford

    Postcode: IP12 2NU

    Our shop, down by the Quay at Orford is packed full of smoked delicacies, local produce and delicious ingredients.
    Here you will find the full Pinney’s range of products, smoked in our smokehouses down by Butley Creek, as well as a Fresh Fish Counter where you can purchase daily catches from our fishing boats. The catch varies with the seasons so if you are looking for anything in particular please sign up to our ‘What’s in season?’ E-Newsletter which means we can keep you informed.

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  • Weddell Swift

    Postcode: nn11 8lr

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Pound for Pound Smokehouse

    Postcode: NN11 6UF

    Pound for Pound started with our passion for using the finest ingredients and eating good quality food. Building on the knowledge of how our grandparents preserved foods to stock their larders we set about establishing our own smokehouse to provide a range of smoked meat & fish products with traditional and unique flavours. Producing small batches, we can retain the home-produced quality that ‘Granny would be proud of’.

    We quickly appreciated that our produce could be complemented by working with a range of other quality food and drink producers. We have carefully selected items which we hope will enhance your enjoyment of the Pound for Pound fine foods range.

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  • The Woodsman Restaurant

    Postcode: CV37 6HA

    British Game Alliance member

    Exec Chef Mike Robinson brings a traditional approach to contemporary British cooking. Our menu is a celebration of a passion for wild food. Marrying century old techniques with the best local ingredients, all cooked on a charcoal grill and wood fired oven

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  • Hog and Hen Farmshop

    Postcode: IP146BZ


    We are a family run farm shop that specialises in free range poultry. Our chickens and turkeys are reared, slaughtered and processed
    here on the farm in small batches. This ensures the best welfare for
    the bird as well as zero food miles.
    We also sell our own delicious eggs from our hens that range freely in the meadow. We grow as much seasonal produce as we can and we also have a broad selection of the best local produce including Suffolk Farmhouse cheeses & milk, Cake Shop bread from Woodbridge, Stokes Sauces, Preserves of Suffolk jams, and Capel Country Pies. Not to mention meats from neighbouring farms and butchers. You will also find a beautiful range of gifts, artwork and cards. Come and take a look and enjoy a cuppa and homemade cake while you’re here!

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  • The Outdoor Pig Company Ltd

    Postcode: B49 5NR

    British Game Alliance member

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  • PSL

    Postcode: cv32 4dg

    British Game Alliance member

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  • the punchbowl

    Postcode: b94 6hr

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Cleobury Country Farmers Market

    Postcode: DY14 8BX

    Cleobury Country Farmers Market is based in the parish church in Cleobury Mortimer on the third saturday in every month from 9.30am-12.30pm.  We put table tops over the backs of the pews either side of the main aisle of the church,creating a natural walkway for shoppers to browse round some fantastic stalls.  On average there are 17 traders each month, mainly foodies, selling local game, pies, oils, cooked hams, homemade cakes, scones and pickles, home reared chickens and eggs, local bee products and honey, cheeses, plants and seasonal veg! There are crafters with us too, offering hand made cards, peg dolls, beautiful lampshades, knitted items and fire cone fire lighters!  

    The Friends of St Marys Church sell teas, coffees and cakes to traders and visitors alike giving everyone a chance to sit, chat and  absorb the atmosphere!  

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  • The Studio

    Postcode: NR16 2SF

    Our mission is to promote Norfolk & Suffolk Producers, demonstrating that beauty is all around us and to really put Norfolk on the map!
    We aim to promote rural life, build stronger communities, educate our younger generation on traditional arts & crafts, provenance and give them a tactile experience of wool, weaving and learn how and where their food comes from.
    A conscious diversification enterprise with a fantastic ethos in up-cycling, re-using, getting people enjoying the outside environment, helping towards protecting our eco-systems.

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  • Lydham Friday Market

    Postcode: SY9 5HB

    Come along to Lydham Friday Market (at Lydham Village Hall) where you can stock up on: Fruit and veg, flowers, fresh local bread, cakes and pastries, local free range meats, pies, a variety of cheese, pickles, eggs. Browse round our craft, gift and home products stalls including ethnic clothing/insence/cards, knitted clothes, printed goods, designer home furnishings, wild wool gifts, recycled bricketts to burn, pet products, garden implements and plants/shrubs. Then why not enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and bite to eat at our popular cafe! You can also buy electrical goods or arrange repairs ! Open 8am - 2pm.

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  • The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC)

    Postcode: PE8 6NP

    The NAAC represents all land-based contractors including Mobile Seed Processors, Livestock Contractors, Amenity Contractors, General Ag Contractors and Mobile Mill and Mix.
    Find an NAAC Approved contractor today at or call 01780 784631.

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  • June’s Farm

    Postcode: LE15 8BL

    We produce great quality meat by raising the finest animals in the best environment possible. Grass fed Belted Galloway beef and Large Black outdoor reared pork delivered to your door.

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  • The Honingham Buck

    Postcode: NR9 5BL

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Goose & Co

    Postcode: LE7 3QH

    The Goose Revolution! Free range, hand-reared UK Geese, prepared and delivered to your door.

    Try something different this Christmas! Goose is an intensely flavourful alternative to your Roast Turkey. 

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  • Bat and Bottle Wine Merchants

    Postcode: LE15 7TU

    We are Italian Wine Merchants. 
    Bat and Bottle are Rutland’s only specialist importers of Italian wine. Truly multum in parvo, our small warehouse on Oakham Enterprise Park is packed with artisan wines. You can buy wine online from us, over the phone or by email - or you are welcome to drop in whenever we are open; we sell directly to the public and there is no minimum purchase. Our wine club was shortlisted by the IWC as one of the UK’s top two wine clubs, we have even represented UK small businesses at Downing Street in our 25 years of trading… You can be assured that though serious when we buy our wines, you will never find life is too serious when you shop with us. 

    More here:

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  • Eves Hill Farm Beef

    Postcode: NR10 4TD

    Eves Hill is a traditional family run farm in North Norfolk. Farming arable land and pasture for our pedigree Hereford cattle and a small farm campsite.

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  • The Biltong Farm

    Postcode: NG31 6JQ

    We offer an ever increasing range of flavours, Original, Black Pepper, Garlic, Smokey BBQ, Peri Peri, Chilli, Sriracha, Habanero Inferno, Tandoori and for the people who like a challenge, Carolina Reaper. We also offer a specials range which currently sees a Christmas Stuffing flavour currently on offer

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  • Unconventional Distillery

    Postcode: LN6 3LQ

    OUR TRULY UNCONVENTIONAL STORY… The Unconventional Distillery Company was established in 2019, by Sam Owen, Owner and MD of Salted Orange Food Co, an award-winning outside catering company in Lincolnshire. Using his skills and talents for creating new and complimentary flavours, he has turned his hand to creating ‘Botanically distilled premium craft English rum’.

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  • HIN Ltd

    Postcode: LN1 1AB

    Crafted in Lincoln, HIN is the UK's first Hemp infused Spirits!
    Infusing organic Hemp with 7 carefully chosen botanicals, HIN offers a deep aromatic flavour.
    Will you join our revolution?
    *THC & CBD free.

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  • Henbury Wild Game

    Postcode: SK11 9PY

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden

    Postcode: WA4 3DS

    A peaceful, well maintained and beautiful garden which is now a popular local visitor attraction and resource for horticulture, education and enjoyment.

    The walled garden consists of two main areas, the fully working kitchen garden and the ornamental pleasure garden which are separated by a yew hedge. The garden is very unusual in that both the kitchen garden and pleasure garden are enclosed within a single, continuous sandstone wall. The site also includes a run of 8 fully refurbished Victorian glasshouses, several outbuildings, 3 ponds and a café in the central glasshouse space.
    EP carried out restoration works to the ponds and the sandstone walls were rebuilt. New paths were created and new gates, archways, and ornamental fencing was erected, based on original features.

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  • The British Premium Sausage Co

    Postcode: BD4 8SX

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Pennys Meats

    Postcode: BB5 5HE

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Delifresh

    Postcode: BD4 7PG

    British Game Alliance member

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  • bingham & jones

    Postcode: PR4 0HX

    British Game Alliance member

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  • Farmison

    Postcode: HG4 1AJ

    We decided to act upon the fact the food we knew and loved was not readily available outside of restaurants.
    That is, herds and flocks of British native breeds allowed to mature to their full potential on moorland and lush pastures for standout flavours. It seemed nonsensical that it wasn’t available given the struggles of British agriculture, but anonymous food lacking in taste was, off the supermarket shelf.
    Farmison & Co is their answer to this. The website aims to have complete transparency, so you can see exactly where your food comes from, down to the very farm and enjoy better meat delivered direct to wherever you are in the UK fresh, ready for cooking or freezing.
    Our network represents a unique mosaic of small scale British farms, with all of our produce crafted on the country butcher’s block, boasting both generations of butchery expertise, and also the input of Michelin starred chef Jeff Baker to ensure only the very best for your table.
    You can also choose your breed of lamb, pork, or beef, with Farmison & Co working with the goals of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in mind, to help preserve our agricultural heritage by encouraging the enlargement of our herds and flocks.

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  • Ampleforth Abbey Shop & Drinks

    Postcode: YO62 4EY

    Sitting on the foothills of the North Yorkshire Moors, Ampleforth Abbey Orchards boasts over 50 different varieties of heritage apples, populating over 2,000 trees which span over seven acres.

    Our award-winning artisan range of ciders and apple products are produced onsite in our cider mill which is nestled within the Ampleforth Abbey Orchards. Local layman Tim Saxby heads the operation along with Steve; amongst the team there are years of experience in the production of hand crafted cider.

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  • Bushblades Farm

    Postcode: DH99UA

    Small farm offering Rare Breed Meat including Pedigree British Saddleback Pork & 'Native' Aberdeen Angus

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  • Slack House Organic Farm,

    Postcode: CA8 7DB

    You can buy our Birdoswald Organic Cheese, Unpasteurised Real Organic Milk (Raw), Organic vegetables, Eggs and other Organic Provisions and Preserves from our small Farm Shop, at local Farmers’ Markets

    It is also possible to see cheese being made from the viewing window or learn about cheese-making on one of our courses.

    OPENING The shop is closed for the winter but we can take orders & arrange collection or delivery .From March to December the cafe is open for collection of produce Please phone or email.

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  • Caledonian Heritable

    Postcode: EH24DB

    British Game Alliance member

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  • G & J Wilson Ltd

    Postcode: KY10 2DW

    Fish Wholesale and Retail Company

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  • Vital Veg Organic Veg Boxes

    Postcode: AB51 7LS

    As well as growing delicious and nutritious top quality veg, we also occasionally teach 'grow your own veg' workshops, and dry stone walling workshops here on the farm in beautiful Midmar.
    We also organise farm walks, and give talks to community groups and businesses in the local area.

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  • Rohaan Cafe Bar

    Postcode: AB21 0HW

    Our focus is on providing excellent service, premium spirits and speciality coffee in a warm and welcoming environment that is not only child-friendly but dog-friendly too.
    We hope to create a relaxing place for you to sit and enjoy time with friends and family, to provide a venue where people could enjoy a coffee or cold drink while watching the world go by on a warm summer evening.

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  • Dyce Market

    Postcode: AB21 0HW

    Farmers and Craft Market with a big range of products including:

    range of produce made from his honey

    Fresh dirty vegetables without packaging or fuss

    vegan bakery, tasty, and all freshly hand Baked


    Fortnightly 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month.
    Sunday: 11am - 3pm

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  • Forest Farm Dairy

    Postcode: AB21 0SH

    Award winning organic dairy, home to our small herd of happy organic cows who have the freedom to roam and graze on lush green pastures, just as nature intended!

    Our certified organic farm is also home to Scotland's first milk vending machines, established to provide our local community with the opportunity to buy milk from the cows they see grazing on their doorstep, as fresh as it can be!

    As Scotland’s longest established organic dairy, we believe our organic milk is the most pure and natural you can find, all the way from grass to glass. It is gently pasteurised right here on farm in our brand new facility to maximise freshness and non-homogenised (unprocessed) to preserve its natural goodness. This means the cream rises to the top - a dream for the person lucky enough to open the bottle! If you prefer whole milk simply shake, twist and enjoy!

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  • Black Isle Turkeys

    Postcode: IV11 8XX

    We believe that your Christmas Turkey should be reared and processed in the best possible manner so that your meal is the best it could possibly be.

    Our birds reach us at 6-8 weeks old at the end of August from a company we have been dealing with for over a decade. The birds are grown for us to our specifications so that we know that they have a high standard of welfare.

    Our Turkeys are reared free range with access to grass fields during the day and are only shut in at night to protect them from predators. They are fed home grown and locally produced feed, along with apples every day as a treat.

    The birds are reared to maturity at 5-6 months old where we home kill and process the birds to reduce stress from travelling. The birds are dry hand plucked and game hung for up to 2 weeks in our refrigerated storage, then gutted by hand and packed with their giblets before leaving the farm.

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  • Mackenzies Farm Shop

    Postcode: ZE2 9HA

    Farm shop and café selling produce grown and reared on our croft in Aithsetter, Cunningsburgh. Daily essentials available.

    Our Family have been working the Croft (small farm) at Aithsetter (or Aister as the locals call it) for around 500 years! We take care to breed, birth, rear, grow and produce our fine food. We believe in ‘slow food’ as it takes a few years to grow the perfect beef and months to grow the perfect pork and lamb.
    Our produce is used in our menu and we take care in getting it to that stage!
    When our own produce isn’t available we source excellent quality produce from like-minded crofters, growers and locals.

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