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  • Dorset Sea Salt

    Postcode: DT52NJ

    Dorset Sea Salt Co. is hand-harvested from the Jurassic Coast’s world famous mineral rich waters. This means our sea salt packs one mighty punch. Cooking just got a whole lot tastier!

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  • Wight Salt

    Postcode: PO381NQ

    Special Isle of Wight Salt taken straight from ocean to give a natural and healthy product.

    Our salt contains tiny amounts of the natural microbes of sea water and said to be good for us. This compares with table salt that often has anti-caking agents such as potassium ferrocyanide.  'cyanide' enough said!

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  • Chagfarm Community Farm

    Postcode: TQ138DA

    Founded by brothers Sylvan and Davon Friend, Chagfarm aims to make the local community’s food supply more resilient by working closely with Chagfood, another local food enterprise, and complementing their existing vegetable subscription offer. With a passion for local food, they are on a mission to change the way we think about food miles and animal welfare and establish a thriving local food economy.

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  • Heals Farm Shop

    Postcode: TN20 6HL

    traditional farm shop 

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  • Westland Barton

    Postcode: EX23 9QW

    Home to the Duckpool flock of rare breeds

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  • C L Leppard Butcher

    Postcode: TN20 6AB

    High class family butcher

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  • The Venerable Lop

    Postcode: TA3 6PT

    British Lop pig producer

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  • The Anchor Pub & Dining

    Postcode: TN74AG

    Dating back to the 15th Century, we are a family-friendly pub 

    For the hungry, our chef combines fine local foods with traditional pub fare, served alongside regional cask ales, spirits and carefully selected wines.
    As well as the spacious dining area we have a vibrant front bar and a more cosy back bar alongside the restaurant and function room, which features an inglenook fireplace.
    We have guest rooms available for those who want a comfortable and welcoming base for exploring our beautiful countryside.
    Whether you’re joining us for a pint, a quiet meal or a family celebration, you’ll always find a warm welcome at The Anchor.

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  • Homestead Beef

    Postcode: CT157AH

    We sell slow-grown, grass fed, rare breed british beef online and at local farmers markets. We offer free delivery within 20 miles of Dover or next day courier for further afield. We are a small family farm and our cows are Shetland cattle who graze year-round on the North Downs and even on the White Cliffs themselves.

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  • The White Horse Deli

    Postcode: RH4 1BE

    Our local food & drink deli with a big selection of artisan suppliers

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  • West Lavington Farm Shop

    Postcode: SN104JB

    We have a well-established reputation for selling the highest quality British produce, including our own home-grown Traditional Hereford beef, native breed sheep and Free Range Gloucester Old Spot pork.

    All of our meat comes from our farm and we offer full traceability on all our products.

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  • Ramsbury Brewery & Distillery

    Postcode: SN82NN

    We built our brewery in 2004 to make the most of the world class barley grown in our fields, the distillery produced its first bottle of single estate spirit in late 2015 and has been winning international awards since, and the estate pub,The Bell at Ramsbury, won AA pub of the year in 2017

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  • farmdrop

    Postcode: WC2E 9JT

    At Farmdrop we’re going back to how food used to taste, delivering direct from amazing farmers, makers and bakers. Like a supermarket, we offer range and convenience. Unlike a supermarket, we source ethically and pay farmers properly.

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  • Agrantec

    Postcode: BS66YE

    We offer complete paperless traceability and production data management solution to the food industry saving valuable time and money. Keeping traceability at the heart, the platform uses cloud technology to provide an easy-to-use, secure and seamless management tool to businesses for documenting food production processes including stock and recipe management, end-to-end trace, food safety and quality records.
    We believe effective traceability tools help create a solid foundation in future proofing businesses. Partnering in our clients success, we provide a tool that is inexpensive, simple and powerful in its contribution to your commitment to traceability, good practices and a dynamic industry. To future proof your company, get in touch with our team by emailing [email protected] or call +44 117 926 9003.

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  • Slow Food London

    Postcode: EC1V2NX

    Slow Food London is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating
    It is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. It works to build links between producers and consumers.

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  • Bread By Bike

    Postcode: N70DD

    We're an award-winning sourdough bakery in North London. Our mission is to bring people together through good food - in our neighbourhood and beyond

    We believe passionately in the slow fermentation of breads using natural yeast cultures, taking a little longer to make a truly excellent product. High-quality ingredients from renowned producers are at the heart of everything we create.

    Our bakery and café offers delicious coffee, freshly-baked bread, a selection of teas and a (small-but-perfectly-formed) menu. Bread and drinks can be bought to eat in or take away.

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  • Mwanaka Fresh Farm Foods

    Postcode: EN36PR

    Besides our farm produce, we have a wide range of products. We sell our own delicious boerewors sausages, the best sausages for barbeques. We also have fish and different cuts of meat on the bone, also ideal for barbeques.

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  • Biltong Direct

    Postcode: CM1 4BA

    We manufacture all our South African style meat products ourselves 

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  • Lillypuds

    Postcode: CM17AB

    LillyPuds Christmas Puddings are packed with scrumptious fruit and full of natural goodness. A family producer based in East Anglia we are passionate about the Great British Christmas Pudding!

    we work hard to ensure our products are free from unnatural ingredients wherever possible. There is no need to add unnatural products when perfectly natural ingredients are available. Instead of margarine, we use butter in LillyPuds Sticky Toffee Pudding and sauces and plentiful amounts of fruit in our Christmas puddings.
    Our Traditional and Gluten Free puddings are made with a locally sourced gluten free ale, the Brentwood Brewing Company Chockwork Orange Beer – a classic ‘old ale’ style which compliments the pudding mix perfectly.

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  • Mad Dog Brewery

    Postcode: NP40AL

    We create fantastic craft beers using largely unique ingredients and combinations of grains, hops and other ingredients. An example of this is the very highly rated beer designed and brewed by Alexis called All Day Granola Breakfast Stout. This beer is brewed using locally sourced handmade granola from the Wye Valley and is a fresh, unique take on a typical ‘breakfast’ stout. It’s satisfying, tasty and good enough to have at any time of the day.

    Since 2015 we have grown steadily and produced some amazing beers – including some collaborations, special requests and one-off recipes which have continued to push the creativity of the brewery to new heights. The future is looking bright for this innovative Welsh brewer

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  • Ross on Wye Cider & Perry Co

    Postcode: HR96JZ

    Cider Done Properly.

    We have been making cider on Broome Farm since the 1930s. We produce it now in the same way as we always have; from 100% whole juice, using natural fermentation from the wild yeasts present in the fruit and on our farm. This is purity, this is simplicity.

    Visit our Cider Shop at our pub, the Yew Tree in Peterstow to taste one of the largest collections of single variety ciders and perries anywhere in the world. We typically have eighty different types of bottled cider or perry to choose from.

    Why so much variety? To celebrate the natural variance in traditionally made cider and perry. So many factors affect the flavour of our drinks; the weather from when the fruit was grown, the ripeness of the fruit at pressing, the time we've left it to age in the barrel, the time in the bottle, and so much more. Every year fruit from the same tree will give a different flavour. We love to share that with you.

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  • Allways

    Postcode: CO9 3QD

    Family run small holding growing organic fruit and vegetables (including strawberries, raspberries, asparagus, chive) as well as home made produce (elderflower cordial, jams) all made from what we have grown.

    We also sell some free range eggs laid by our resident chickens and ducks. 

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  • Willys Apple Cider Vinegar

    Postcode: HR8 2LB

    Our Apple Cider Vinegar is a labour of love. First, we hand-pick organic apples from our picturesque Hereford orchards. We gently press the apples and allow them to naturally ferment making a gorgeous unfiltered cider. We then leave this cider with the help of some fresh Herefordshire air to work its magic, naturally fermenting into vinegar. This natural transformation also creates ‘the Mother’, a good and friendly bacteria. And that’s it. No fertilisers or pesticides. Nothing added, nothing removed – 100% natural and bursting with goodness.
    It is the culture of beneficial bacteria that turns regular apple cider into vinegar in the first place, this is similar to the scoby culture in kombucha. The Mother is made up of a complex structure of beneficial acids that seem to have health benefits. Unrefined vinegars have a murky appearance and typically still contain the mother culture. Clear and pasteurised vinegars typically do not contain the mother culture and don’t carry the same benefits.

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  • Market Kitchen & Cafe

    Postcode: IP155AQ

    Fish shop and restaurant with a big range of veg, dairy, drinks, coffee, pasta, etc.

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  • Micro Greener

    Postcode: NN27HW

    Growing nutritious, flavour packed food sustainably through modern pesticide-free hydro farming, right in the centre of Northampton town

    All our micro-greens and baby leaf veggies are grown with only pure reverse osmosis filtered water and no pesticides or fertilisers are used at all.

    We offer only "subscription farming" meaning we only grow what our customers have pre-ordered, resulting in no waste.

    With most micro-greens having a very short germination and growth period we can grow what you want and get it delivered to you exactly when you want it.

    We aim to develop our produce range directly with our customers and taylor our growing, with each that support us, to fulfil their exact needs.

    We want to literally grow our business around you, build strong relationships and supply beautiful, tasty new foods and ingredients to feed you and the innovative, creative and vastly diverse food and catering industry we all live in.

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  • Slow Food Birmingham

    Postcode: BA11AA

    Slow Food believes we can all work towards improving the way food is produced; as we learn from producers and share our knowledge with others; as we meet to eat and talk about sustainability and biodiversity; as we attend workshops and events and by becoming a member or supporter or part of our Chef Alliance. We see everyone as a co-producer and the positive choices that you make will help change our food system every time you eat.

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  • Hunneypot Cottage

    Postcode: B78 3EQ

    Hunnypot Cottage Designs is a family of crafters 

    We aim to keep our food as homemade and healthy as possible – we make our own pasta, bread – even baked beans – using ingredients we source locally where possible. Making meals from scratch doesn’t take as long as you might think.
    Even Hunnypot Cottage is a fabulous example of crafting techniques. Built in the 1860’s when craftsmen were experimenting with different techniques, the cottage is an example of brick build.
    Artisan baker Ruth is helped with baking and crafting by her two children, while husband Ian is more often than not running a stall at one of the local craft fairs or delivering bread to homes and farm shops in our local communities

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  • Hollybush Garden Centre, Farm Shop & Aquaria

    Postcode: WV107LX

    You can find us seven days a week just outside the main customer entrance to the Hollybush Garden Centre – you can’t miss us as we always have a fine display of fresh fruit, flowers and produce both inside and outside our cabin.
    Six days a week we set out very early in the morning to find the best fresh produce available.
    We use many local independent suppliers and growers as we know our customers are keen to support locally grown and sourced produce.
    We sell free range eggs from a farm only a few miles from Hollybush. Our honey also comes from bees that is collected by a local beekeeper. Our Cottage Delight range of pickles, jams & chutneys are handmade with the finest ingredients from a local company.
    The bread we sell is freshly made each day by an independent baker that is based in Wolverhampton and delivers fresh bread to us every morning.

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  • Leigh's Bees & Honey

    Postcode: PE321JA

    Our Bees are hived in apiaries dotted along North Norfolk’s beautiful coastline and organic farms/nature reserves inland. The aim is to harvest and sell honey in as near it’s natural state as possible.
    Raw Bottled Honey
    The honey is strained through a fine sieve to remove hive debris. It is purposely NOT filtered, so ensuring that the honey contains the local pollens that the bees wanted in it in the first place. Where Leigh’s Bees honey is labelled “Raw Honey”, bottling took place at the time of extraction from the hive and no warming has taken place at all. If the word “Raw” is absent, any heating of the honey is done in a thermostatically controlled warmer to ensure that is just warm enough to facilitate bottling, without destroying any of its natural taste and enzymes. A bee feasting from our jar of honey would see little difference from what it would expect to find in the hive.

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  • Woodhouse Farm and Garden CIC

    Postcode: WS13 8QG

    committed to provide our customers with the freshest, locally grown produce at supermarket prices

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  • The Retreat Guest House ( Willow Brook Farm)

    Postcode: DE73 8DH

    Educational and petting centre establishment

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  • Bread in Common Bakery

    Postcode: ST47RB

    We’re passionate about baking, buying and eating better bread – and believe that better bread is something that all of us have a right to enjoy.
    We have been working towards a full-time bakery for nearly five years. We have run baking projects all over the city, and our legendary mobile wood-fired pizza oven has popped up at many events serving the best pizza you can eat without sitting down.
    As well as baking bread for sale we run baking courses so everyone can get more confident in baking at home, and we run community, school and young people’s projects around bread and baking.

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  • SA Sauces

    Postcode: CW39HN

    we produce certified Gluten free sauce concentrates which are simple and delicious to make. We have a wide range of different and unique flavours. All you have to do is simply add either double cream for a totally decadent, restaurant quality sauce, or simply add Crème fraiche for those that prefer a low-fat option. We also have a Thai Green Curry which is best used with coconut cream, or coconut milk.
    All of our Sauce concentrates are extremely versatile, not only do they make delicious sauces once added to double cream or Crème fraiche. They can also be used as marinades by simply adding water. They can be used as a neat rub, perfect for Barbeques and dinner parties, and finally they can be used as a stir fry. All occasions, we have it covered.

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  • Wright's rare breeds

    Postcode: PE22 9RF

    Here at Wright's Farm we are keeping a small selection of rare breed pigs to help keep our traditional old English pork alive for future generations.

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  • The Weston Biltong Company

    Postcode: VW25LT

    Hand made Biltong and Droewors (Dry Wors) (beersticks) made with prime British beef prepared with traditional South African spices and hung and dried based in Crewe Cheshire. We cover maost the Makers Marlets in the North and cover many Food Festivals

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  • Wulydermy

    Postcode: CW6 0TB

    Unique, life size animals and birds, using sculptural needle felt techniques, using top quality British Rare Breeds wool

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  • Village Green

    Postcode: S32 5RB

    We are a great pit stop to allow you to refuel and relax with bike racks, pumps and some excellent accessories for your two wheeled adventures. Why not grab a slice of homemade cake to take on your journey?

    We have provisions for all the family including toys and colouring for little ones, as well as a yummy children's menu. We are also dog friendly (for all you lovely walkers out there) and our fabulous coffee is triple-certified (Fair-trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance approved) which keeps everyone happy!

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  • Wern Bach Southdowns

    Postcode: CH75BN

    Pedigree Southdown Sheep breeder based in Flintshire

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  • Wirralstone Farm

    Postcode: CH64 8TE

    Rare breed pedigree British Lop, Tamworth, Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. Shropshire sheep.Kerribella and Wirralstone herds and Swormjar flock

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  • Daddy Cools Chilli Sauce

    Postcode: SK131JX

    We have extra hot chilli sauce, super-hot, medium and mild chilli sauces along with chilli chutney, chipotle rubs, chilli jams, hot pickles and superhot spicy snacks. We are incredibly proud of our products and are sure there will be something for everyone within our range, we enjoy delivering that home-made and hand made produce to all our customers, why not give us a try!

    We are a family run business and don’t like to scrimp and scrape on ingredients, we always use fresh produce where applicable and all our ingredients are sourced locally, we believe you deserve quality and quantity, all our products are handmade in small batches so you receive a great taste in every jar or bottle, if your still not convinced then please take this moment to browse our product range and reviews off some of the chilli community’s well known faces.

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  • The Real Cider Company

    Postcode: BL26RT

    THE REAL CIDER COMPANY.COM is a Northern UK based wholesale and trade supplier of quality real cider.  

    We supply discounted cider to festivals, parties, weddings, bars and restaurants - PRICES INC. FREE DELIVERY!

    Our mouth watering real craft ciders are made from fresh pressed cider apples and pears, handcrafted in the traditional way!

    Over the centuries, cider has often had the addition of fruits of the hedgerow.  We can supply stylish FRUIT BERRY ciders lovingly crafted with traditional real cider plus natural fruit or berry flavours.

    Varieties available include Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry!

    ✔ No apple concentrates ✔ No artificial / bright colours ✔ No sweet syrups & artificial sweeteners ✔ Suitable for vegans, coeliacs ✔

    We also have some exceptional ciders and perries available including Rasputin & Foxwhelp!

    All our cider boxes come with a standard built in dispenser tap, and we can provide all you need for your festival, party or gathering!

    Contact us now with any questions!


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  • Panache Syrups

    Postcode: PR7 4HD

    The perfect companion to Gin! Widely used in cocktails we are passionate about what we do! UK Manufactured natural flavour infusions!

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  • Walton Herbs

    Postcode: WF2 6NJ

    Our herb plant stock is lovingly cared-for. Best results – call in

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  • Feast Rising Bakery

    Postcode: HU36BH

    Bakery & Bread making courses

    The best locally-milled flour is turned patiently into a variety of doughs that, only after the necessarily long fermentations – and as the world beyond stabs a second time at the snooze button – will come from our ovens as pure, wholesome and tasty as bread can be.
    We are open 0900-1300 (or until we’re sold out) Weds-Sat

    The bakery isn’t apparent from the street but once you’ve found 23 Arthur Street then just head through the archway between the terraces – you can’t miss us, missus.


    Our courses are the perfect gift for you, your family and friends. Give them a day they’ll remember and the opportunity to learn skills and knowledge that will both empower and deepen each time they use them.
    Bread making is truly a skill for life and love.

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  • Rooted in Hull

    Postcode: HU9 1AA

    Hull City Farm - a proposed urban box-farm, reconnecting the people of Hull with the food they eat.

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  • Wild Discovery

    Postcode: PR42PR

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  • Shepcote

    Postcode: YO259DJ

    Family run business.  We stock an extensive range of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, pulses and grains in bulk or retail quantities, which we supply to the bakery trade, health food shops, delicatessens and retail outlets.

    As marzipan specialists, we offer a bespoke service to customers who want something produced to their own specification or under a brand name. Additionally, as manufacturers of a hand-packed product, we can offer our larger customers a contract hand-packing service.

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    Postcode: TS7 0NN

    Teeswater sheep producer

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  • Tynedale Rare Breeds ,

    Postcode: NE47 0DF

    Teeswater, Herdwick, Cheviot, Kerry Hill and Llanwenog sheep breeder

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  • Tullich Highland Rare Breed Pigs

    Postcode: IV18 0LJ

    Two crofts in the Highlands, rearing Oxford Sandy and Black pork

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