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You can help us build a better LOCAL food industry where you and farmers can get a fairer deal.

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Help divert some of the £120 billion spent in UK supermarkets, directly to farmers and local/community shops with massive economic and social benefits for all.


Our current national food industry, on average, pays farmers only 9p for every £1 you spend on food in a supermarket.

If you buy directly from farmers, you can get food that is better and cheaper than the supermarket, and influence what is grown. Farm shops and shops that source locally are part of the solution to this.


For 20 years BigBarn has been building and constantly updating our Local Food Map and now has over 7,000 food & drink outlets shown as icons on our map. As a Community Interest Company (CIC) we share our map with as many other websites as we can and share income, and any profit we make is fed back into the operation.

So far, almost 100 websites show our map, all encouraging trade and building a better local food industry.


You can help by:

  1. Check our Local Food Map in your area and email us any errors or omissions.
  2. Tell your local producers and retailers about BigBarn and encourage them to add more to their listing.  Or, if they are not already on the Map, encourage them to join.
  3. Use our MarketPlace to buy great products from artisan producers, from beef to beer, flour to fruit trees.
  4. Donate to help us employ people to build your local food industry.

We all need one local food map that everyone owns, uses, updates and shares. This can form the basis of a new more sustainable, local, food industry where we are all reconnected to where are food comes from and empowered to influence what is grown.

We really hope you can join in.