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As a Community Interest Company, our ‘open’ map is constantly being updated by the individual suppliers and outlets listed and new suppliers joining. The Map is being seen by over 100,000 visitors per month to BigBarn as well as the 100+ partners promoting and sharing the map to thousands more consumers via special code and affiliate software. More partners are joining all the time, so your page is automatically updated on all their websites as you make changes to win more customers. More here

To see examples of our map on partners sites click here for one of the Slow Food Groups, or here for our Scottish partner, or here to see one of the many Associations that have, and add to, the map.

BigBarn’s mission is to build communities around food and help businesses like you become the centre of your local food community.

After 20 years of trading we have 9,000 icons including schools, shops, farmers, pubs, markets, butchers and producers. All to create social, local food supply chains that are inclusive and sustainable, and where middle men and food miles, are reduced and food knowledge increased though education and reconnection.

Our promotions packages include:

Contribute a small fee for a comprehensive page for promotion and a wide range of internet and marketing tools. Some of our partners, below, also offer Trade Discounts on products and services to save you more than you pay.

Most popular
Your BigBarn options Basic-listing Premium Listing Platinum Listing
Icon on BigBarn Food Map
Be seen by hundreds of visitors in your area, with your contact details shown.
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Icon on Affiliates Sites
Be seen on 90+ BigBarn affiliate sites.
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Your own page on the BigBarn website
…with contact details and a short description*.
BigBarn pages are automatically optimised for SEO with keywords, product, tags, and Google places.
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…add offers, events, new and more…**.
Your offers, news etc.. will be featured in the BigBarn localised newsletter, home page and within our other promotions and local pages.
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…ability to update and change your listing and page within BigBarn at any time. Cross Tick Tick
…link back to your own website from your BigBarn page. Cross Tick Tick
BigBarn MarketPlace sales
Ability to develop your own online shopping area within the BigBarn site for a full or partial range of your products.
For those without their own eCommerce site, link straight from your website to your BigBarn MarketPlace pages.
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Fraud protected online shop
Secure sales through your BigBarn MarketPlace.
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Monthly Producers’ Newsletter
…find out about BigBarn offers and get marketing ideas and news.
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…access to Supermarket comparison pricing. Cross Tick Tick
Traffic Statistics
Access to traffic statistics to your BigBarn pages.
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Enhanced icon on BigBarn Food Map
…add a video to your BigBarn page for the video icon.
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…announce that you are cheaper than supermarkets with the “£” icon. Cross Tick Tick
…special ‘Crop for the Shop’ icon if you join that programme. Learn more about ‘Crop for the Shop’ here… Cross Tick Tick
Trade Discounts
Negotiated discounts on trade facilities such as credit card fees, insurance and courier services***.
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Partner Promotions
BigBarn partners run local and national promotions and offers. Premium and Platinum members may join in with these initiatives and gain the advantage of large scale promotion.
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PR and News coverage
Eligibility for PR and News coverage as part of the BigBarn family.
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Product links from Recipe videos
Add a recipe video to BigBarn KIS recipe section and link the ingredients to your BigBarn MarketPlace.
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Dedicated Account Manager
Regular discussion of trends, marketing tips and some page enhancement recommendations.
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Monthly Optimization Call
A monthly call to optimise your page, with your BigBarn account manager.
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Promote your offers & discounts To BigBarn Members
As a Platinum member, you have the opportunity to promote your services to all BigBarn Mini-listing, Premium and other Platinum members.
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Managed Membership
Have BigBarn manage your page for you for small extra fee to be discussed…
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All prices excluding VAT £40 per year £10pm** £15 pm**
* On Basic-listings, other offers and news from within your local area may be seen on your BigBarn page.
** With Premium Listing, only YOUR offers, news and events will be shown on your BigBarn page. No other posts from your competitors.
*** Trade Discounts are according to availability from time to time.
**** Premium Membership is charged half-yearly at £60 + VAT, equivalent to £10 per month.
Platinum Membership is charged half-yearly at £90 + VAT, equivalent to approx. £15 per month.

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BigBarn in brief

BigBarn has been trading for 20 years and gets thousands of visitors per day, to the Local Food map via and partners promoting the map

Our strategy is to:

• Build the definitive database of local producers and retailers
• Put them all on a map and give each a password to add and edit their details
• Get the BigBarn data on as many other websites as possible, paying each site a commission on trade and advertising
• Provide initiatives to encourage consumers to change from the supermarkets to buying local, including; BigBarn MarketPlace, cheaper than the supermarkets, ‘Crop for the Shop’ and KIS Cookery.


The BigBarn Food Map including BigBarn MarketPlace is now on 90+ affiliate partner websites with more joining every week as the demand for better, fresher local food & drink grows.
To be on BigBarn & all partner websites you can sign up for the long list of business & marketing services…

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The Premium rate is the equivalent of £2.50 per week. You only need to get one new regular customer through BigBarn per year to more than recovered this fee.

Kevin Hayler: “I found BigBarn and my local farm shop on the local food map. We now shop there every week and will spend about £4,000 this year. Better food, better service and we save money, thanks BigBarn.”

Our partners earn a commission from sales through BigBarn MarketPlace, so if you have an online shop it pays them to promote you.

If you would rather talk through the benefits of joining BigBarn call us on 01480 890 970 or your local partner, or if you are a community organisation or not for profit call us about our community rate.

BigBarn is a Community Interest Company (CIC). Read more

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Discounts Currently Available to Members

We want to save our members more than they pay us. Here is the list of Trade Discounts we currently offer. New ones will be added to this page and included in our Producers Newsletter.

Reduce your costs

InXpress Couriers: Get special rates on couriers, 2-5kg £5.50+vat, 5-20kg, £6.25 (+vat) next day, from 1-20 packages! Call Lewis on 0161 694 7410 for more.

Annecto UK Ltd: Get special rates and advice on credit and debit cards…Call us on 01480 890 970 for more.

Insurance discounts: Protect against business risk and reduce costs… Call us on 01480 890 970 for more.

Bizerba Food Equipment: Thought about cutting the use of plastics? Get the special BigBarn 10% discount on all Retail Equipment, like zero waste scales, slicers, mincers, bone saws call us on 01480 890 970 for more.

WOOLCOOL Packaging: To get your special 10% off first order BigBarn rate call us on 01480 890 970 for more.

• Farm Diversity Magazine: Offer BigBarn members get 10% off a wide range of advice and advertising opportunities. For more click here.

Special priced items you might like to stock:

Bonnie Yau’s: Get 15% off your first order of Authentic Oriental sauces for members. All-natural, low allergen and vegan. Includes the unique, Free From award-winning Nut Free Thai Satay sauce and Soy-Free Hoi Sin sauce. 10 sauces in the range plus authentic noodles. Call Phil on 07595 167029.

UK Tea & Coffee: BigBarn members get 15% off their first order. Mad Hatter Tea is a unique, independent brand, offering an array of high-quality teas to both the retail and wholesale markets. As a family-owned, family-run business – with over 35 years of experience in the food and beverages industry. Call us on 01480 890 970 for more.

• Aunties Sauces: BigBarn members get 20% off their first order on your first order on cases of our Tamarind, Ginger Coriander, Chilli Mango & Indian Ketchup

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