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To get your business on the UK’s Local Food Map on BigBarn & all our Partners’ sites, please complete the form below and pay the £10+vat fee.

This payment will get you:
1. set up on the map with a webpage promoted to google
2. access to BigBarn admin to edit your pages and join promotions
3. telephone support from our team to talk you through what we offer
4. a 1 month Silver package trial (see below)

Once you experience our services we will help you select either Silver, Gold or Platinum promotional packages (see below) to best suit your needs and marketing plan. NO obligation.

To chat before you join call us on 01480 890 970

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Just £10+VAT (£12) for a 1 month trial at Full premium level.

Silver Club – The Perfect Start – £40+vat/year 

Just what you need to get going!

If you want to win some of the 5,000 customers visiting BigBarn & partners every day then BigBarn’s Silver Club is perfect for you. You will benefit from a whole list of services tailored to give your local business the best possible start on the road to success.

Once registered with our Silver Club here’s what BigBarn provide you;

1. An icon on our Local Food Map linking to your very own, personalised BigBarn Google optimised web page. (example here)

2. Your icon & web page will also appear on 90+ other websites that proudly feature our map.

3. Passwords that enable you to personalise and change your page on BigBarn whenever you want to keep it bang up to date. These changes will of course be replicated across our network of partner websites.

4. You also have the option to add a video to your page that tells your story and drives our hungry consumers directly to your page.

5. The option to have all your products and special offers or deals of the day within your very own personalised online shop. This will then be promoted within the BigBarn MarketPlace where 19,000 consumers have set up quick pay accounts and buy produce daily.

6. Help and support from many videos within the admin centre aimed at maximising your opportunity.

To get started today simply call us on 01480 890 970 or complete our sign up form above and pay the £10+vat set up fee and 1 month premium trial.

Gold Club – Everybody Loves It – £45+vat/six months

By far our most popular club level!

Why? Because it helps to get your business where you want it to be.

We provide members in the Gold Club with numerous benefits to really help them ramp up sales and grow their business.

Once registered with our Gold Club BigBarn provides you with all of the benefits of the Silver Club but, these are increased with;

1. The option to add news and offers to your page in order to further personalise your shop. This info can also be featured on our local homepage and within our local newsletter and Alerts (link to Alerts page) to push even more customers directly to your business.

2. You have the option to join our ‘Deals of the day’ and our ‘Discounts’ pages, both free of charge for Gold Club members. These are promoted via our ‘Alerts’ system and across all of our social media accounts to maximise daily visibility.

3. We have numerous great discounts available on products and services just for our Gold Club members. These will enable you to save more than you pay!

4. A fantastic way to drive sales is for you to add your video recipes to the ‘BigBarn Keep It Simple Cookery Videos’ facility ( that will then link directly to your online shop and is promoted to all of our members and thousands of followers on social media.

5. There is the option for you to have a ‘taster’ video made about your products that again is promoted to all of our followers and members thus driving more traffic and potential sales directly to your shop this will also be posted on our Social Media channels and website.

6. Within your BigBarn shop front, you can first provide details about you and your story, you can add your contact details with links to email and phone and importantly, you can link to your existing website so your entire online story is joined up and supports each other to maximise your sales.

7. Join our ‘Crop for the Shop’ system with a local school or local people to win customers, loyalty and support.

8. Help and support with both technical and marketing advice from BigBarn staff during (during office hours) aimed at maximising your opportunity.

To get started today simply call us on 01480 890 970 or complete our sign up form and pay the £10+vat set up fee and 1 month premium trial below

Platinum Club Level – Wholesale & retail promotion! – £90+vat/six months

fresh healthy food

Platinum level is mainly for those looking for wholesale promotion of their products to other BigBarn members, or for those that need regular marketing advice and help in admin

The Platinum Club is the full wholesale and retail service

You’ll be our absolute priority and receive 1to1 support from our dedicated team

Once registered with our Platinum Club, BigBarn provides you with all the benefits from the Silver and Gold Clubs.

You also receive promotion to BigBarn’s 9,000+ other businesses listed on the local food map via our ‘Trade Discounts’ page and members newsletters.

Our team will help you tailor and optimise your promotion for maximum effect insuring your products reach a huge audience via our multi channel network.

To get started today simply call us on 01480 890 970 or complete our sign up form above and pay the £10+vat set up fee and 1 month Silver premium trial.