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Bigbarn Survey

As more small dairies go out of business, the threat of more mega dairies increases, and milk is cheaper than water in some shops, we ask:   

Would you rather pay £1/ltr delivered, for milk from grass fed cows from a local farm, than 70p/ltr at the supermarket for milk from a mega dairy.

Vote now and see the results....


New on BigBarn MarketPlace

Cocolo Chocolate

Fully certified Organic and Fairtrade chocolate.

The perfect blend of globally sourced Organic and Fairtrade ingredients from Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Paraguay and the Philippines; prepared with a deft touch from the best Swiss Chocolatiers, means we can deliver... mind bogglingly good chocolate, pure, natural and well balanced.

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Organo Gold Gourmet coffee

Special healthy coffee, chinese teas and hot chocolate.

Our coffee, hot chocolate & tea includes a special chinese herb to make it healthy and tastier.

The Chinese Her Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi) is ancient King of Herbs Patented for centuries by the Royal family Chinese it is in the teas red & Green black tea, coffee Arabica, Latte Mocha and also Hot Chocolate.

The Country Garden Company

Flower growers and makers of infused vinegars and a growing range of syrups, jams, pickles and other condiments

We specialise in growing and selling beautiful garden flowers, foliage and herbs.

Our flower selection changes with the seasons evoking the natural charm of  a Scottish country garden.

We love flowers that are full of fragrance, natural colours and stunning textures. 

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Love Food Kitchens

Here at Love Food we hand make luxury ready meals using only British meat and key local ingredients. You can buy our ready meals online, and if you live in Sussex you can take advantage of our home delivery service.

Abacus 2012ltd

We are a candy company whom specialises in lollipops and candy canes. All hand made using traditional methods.

The World’s Greatest Inventive Lollipop Company!

  • All sugalikkers are made by hand.
  • All Natural products used where possible
  • Offering a huge range of over 60 different flavoured Likkers.

A quirky brand that prides itself on quality products and passionate staff!

Keep it simple cookery

KIS stands for Keep it Simple and is a BigBarn initiative to help more people enjoy great food and save money.

You can browse the videos to find recipes using cheaper,seasonal ingredients,or upload your own videos and become the next famous TV chef!

Seasonal Recipes

Search our recipe database by typing the name of an ingredient here:

BigBarn Blog

Beetroot Week: Week 38 of BigBarn’s food & Drink Weeks


Beetroot wonder food. You can cleanse your liver, lower blood pressure, fight cancer with anti oxidants.

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Milk Week: Week 37 of BigBarn’s food & Drink Weeks


Milk is regularly in the news as farmers complain about the low price they get and more dairies go out of business. Milk is a classic example of how the 'food industry' has commoditised a product and allowed middle men and retailers to take the lion's share of the retail price.

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Free Onions, near you?


There is a glut of onions at the moment so farmers are getting about £20/tonne, 2p/kg for 'A' grade onions, the price for the same onions in the supermarkets range from 50-80p/kg, 30 times more! Some farmers are giving them away.

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Chicken Week: Week 36 of BigBarn’s Food & Drink Weeks


The humble chicken. Without a doubt, it's the nation's favourite meat and we love it roasted, baked, poached, grilled, stir-fried, curried or glazed. We love it so much that most people seem to have forgotten about Jamie and Hugh raising awareness to the difference between free range and intensively reared.

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Squash & Pumpkin Week: Week 35 of BigBarn’s Food & Drink Weeks


It's that time of year again when we get our knives at the ready and puncture our poor pumpkins with a wicked grin and a death stare.

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