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M&S Food sales rise. A sign of recession or laziness?

This weeks news showed an unexpected rise in sales at Marks & Spencer, led by food. Perhaps the ads on the TV really work?

Is this increase in sales the direct success of an advertising campaign or more people opting to eat in with a fancy ready meal, rather than go out.

I suppose it is a great deal cheaper to have a really good ready meal at home than a restaurant but what a shame that people can’t buy ingredients and cook an easy meal.

I wish more people would share cooking so that each person, or couple, cooked for 6 people meaning cooking once every 3 or more meals, a bit like ‘Come dine with me’ but way less competitive and bitchy.

Any thoughts, or examples on this please comment below, for great local ingredients click here or for a range of ready meals, better than M&S click here