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BigBarn and Positive Luxury

With its emphasis on home grown produce, support for British farmers and fresher, cheaper food, Positive Luxury is proud of their collaboration with BigBarn. BigBarn aims to reverse the ‘anti-social’ trend of the UK food industry by connecting consumers with local producers and encouraging local trade.

Choosing locally sourced produce not only reduces your carbon footprint and helps to support smaller business, but often tastes better too as you can buy fresh goods rather than those than have spent hours being shipped. The idea of making informed choices about the products you buy is central to our ethos, as we believe everyone can contribute to reversing environmental damage by selecting more sustainable brands.

Our blue butterfly icon was inspired by the story of the Large Blue, a species of butterfly which was driven to extinction in Britain as it was once highly collectable. In what would come to be called one of the world’s most successful insect reintroduction programmes, scientists were able to import them from Sweden in 80’s.

There are now tens of thousands living across the south west of England, in what Sir David Attenborough called “…a remarkable success story illustrating the power of ecological research to reverse damaging environmental changes.” At Positive Luxury we believe everyone can create a blue butterfly story by making careful choices about what we buy.

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