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Are we the selfish generation?

We are all annoyed with the money grabbing bankers for the current triple dip recession. Will future generations look at us and think we had a similar selfish attitude as we plunder the world’s resources?

Like the bankers, successive world governments seem the think they should exploit whatever resources are available and not worry about the future. The attitude seems to be, if oil, minerals and fish are available why not take them? In time we will find a replacement.

The replacement for oil seems to be solar, wind, nuclear, and fusion? Minerals? And for fish, apparently the only ‘edible’ thing in the sea will be jellyfish. Jellyfish finger anyone!

Jellyfish fingers and chips, yum!

A recent article covered a new scare, Ocean acidification caused by climate change is making it harder for creatures from clams to sea urchins to grow their shells.

A thinning of the protective cases of mussels, oysters, lobsters and crabs is likely to disrupt marine food chains by making the creatures more vulnerable to predators, which could reduce human sources of seafood.

Scientist have also predicted that unless we change, fish stocks will continue to deplete to the point of extinction by 2048, leaving consumers little option but to eat jellyfish or the small bony species left behind at the bottom of the ocean.

We have plundered the ocean for fish now we are ruining what’s left.

It is heartbreaking to see such selfishness. We humans have been here for 5,000 years and used, what could be, half the worlds oil in just 100 years, 3 generations! What gives us the right to do this? And are we slowing down?

If governments used the tax on fuel to subsidise renewables and green energy we really shouldn’t complain. The trouble is governments are more interested in gaining votes than what is right.

So we must be greener and have a clear conscience when talking to our grand children. Get on our bikes, insulate, etc. And easiest, most enjoyable, and tasty; buy local food and even join the food industry by growing our own and selling to locals. Local food means, less food miles, fresher, tastier, healthier, cheaper, food, and a self sufficient sustainable community.

For more on this visit our Crop for the Shop pages, find local food using our map and watch out for icons with rosettes meaning places that will sell your produce if it reaches their standards!


  1. Transition town movement is certainly a movement that reflects many of the values / solutions that you touch on, and is covered in the Guardian today:

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