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We, must, must, must, take kids blackberry picking!

This time of year is fantastic for one of the most nutritious, tasty, seasonal, fruits, and they are FREE! Blackberries.

Not only are they so good, but a brilliant way to get kids eating real fresh food, often leading to an interest in other fruit and veg.

Blackberries seem to be everywhere this year and our network of byroads and footpaths allow most people to find and eat a good snack, as well as take some home for a pie or pudding.

Kids love hunting for a prize and a tasty, healthy, snack that could lead to a love of fresh food should be a responsibility we all enjoy. So take the kids out this weekend for a blackberry hunt. Do however leave the ones at the bottom of the hedge that might taste of labrador pee!


  1. andy says:

    great idea for everyone to do

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