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Soup Week: Week 2 of BigBarn’s Food & Drinks weeks

What a great food, cold, hot, sweet or sour, a starter or main course, soup has it all. Soup can use up leftovers, from our blog 2 weeks ago, or provide a great way to detox as included in last weeks post.

Soup can be a gastronomic dish or a pauper’s feast and one of the easiest meals to make. In these times of austerity and obesity everyone should know how to make soup and I am amazed that someone has not set up soup making demonstrations at food banks to help those less fortunate cook nutritious meals on a very low budget. Likewise all school children should know how to make at least 2 varieties of soup.

I am amazed, and disappointed, by the amount of space supermarkets devote to tinned soup, which as a concept seems mad when we are running short of metal and oil. See previous blog here. And when the ingredients are so high in sugar and salt.

Fresh local veg

Fresh local veg

Yes it nice to have nursery food like Heinz tomato in the larder but crazy when the same product could be made at home for a fraction of the price.

So please have a go at making soup. Find out what is cheap and in season at your local farm shop, chop, in to a saucepan, add some water or stock, and heat up, leave chunky, mash or blend and, heh presto, soup! Or click here to follow a recipe for all kinds of yummy soup meals.

As always you can make a video of your soup making experience and add it to our KIS (Keep it simple) Cookery video channel and perhaps become the next famous chef or win a prize. To see soup videos so far click here.