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Tesco’s ‘crimes’ should inspire us to give up supermarkets

Yet another horrible story about Tesco should inspire us all to stop shopping at supermarkets and switch to local shops and producers.

Tesco got the bad press today but to succeed in such an incredibly competitive environment, nearly all supermarkets have to cut corners, bully suppliers and buy meat that has been reared in ways that most customers would disagree with.

Compared to many other supermarkets Tesco were paying dairy farmers a higher price for milk, or was that simply a marketing tactic?

To me that is the problem. They are all spending huge amounts of money fighting each other that we no longer get a good deal at any supermarket, and the suppliers get even worse. We are all separated from where our food comes from and animal welfare is a real problem.

Local people growing fresh healthy food

Local people growing fresh healthy food

The problem is that we have all become rather addicted to the big shop where we know that everything we might need is in one place and that we might find a bargain. Yet we leave the shop with more than we thought we needed, have no idea who produced the food and realise that nearly everything we bought is available in the local shop.

SO SWITCH TO LOCAL and save money! Yes save money, by cutting out the middle men and only buying what you need. Our local shop has all the same deals as the supermarkets on beer and wine and will soon be selling fruit and veg grown by the school, and local growers, (including my veg patch). And all at 15% cheaper than the supermarket.

Very unlike Tesco the shop owner is a Muslim so will be paying us for our veg on delivery, not 2 years late!