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8 reasons to spend more on a real, premium, turkey

We have a farm shop on our Christmas Turkey Map that offers premium free range Turkeys as well as a ‘standard’ turkey that is around £22 cheaper for the same size. The owner wants to offer his customers choice and hopes they will understand the difference between the two birds.

Some people say that once the meat is cooked, and covered in gravy and bread sauce, very few people could tell the difference. We disagree and have come up with 8 reasons why everyone should pay the higher price.

1. Taste: The traditional bird has run around, been fed on natural feed together with herbs and foraged feed. The intensive bird has been fed a scientific mix to make it grow as quickly as possible.

2. Texture and succulence: The premium bird has grown slowly, been dry plucked, and hung to allow the meat to mature. The intensive bird has been wet plucked and has to be cooled and sold quickly in case bacteria forced under the skin, start to reproduce.

3. No added water or additives: The premium bird is natural and may loose a bit of weight when hanging, The intensive bird will have a little added water and perhaps some additives from the scientific feed.

4. The Story: You can proudly tell the Story of your premium turkey, why it is so good, how it had been reared, and, perhaps even, the story about the farmer you collected your turkey from

5. Animal Welfare: Your premium turkey has had a far better life than the intensive turkey crammed in to vast sheds

6. Buying your turkey locally will help boost your local economy and encourage farmers to grow more food

7. Save money on Food after Christmas: You will notice the improved flavour and texture of your premium turkey when cold the next day. It can be used for leftovers like, sandwiches, wraps, Coronation Turkey, and curry 10 BBC recipes here. Having such a delicious meat to cook with could even save more than £22 on buying other food or going out!

8. Help save agricultural biodiversity: Traditional turkeys provide farmers with a genetic diversity that could be crucial in cross breeding to protect future generations of turkeys against disease. By buying traditional breeds you are helping increase this diversity.

If you have any more reasons please add them below, and please tell your friends about our Turkey map or email them this link:

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